Yoga Retreats and Events

Join for our own group retreats here in Costa Rica at the Waterfall Villas and around the world scheduled for: 

Sept 14 - 20th:  For an inner discovery retreat with Raw Foods/ or juice fasting, Detox and Yoga ! Costa Rica - Waterfall Villas.

Nov 30 -Dec 6th: Join Fateh for the Beyond the Mind find your Soul Retreat Costa Rica - Waterfall Villas.

Our annual Spiritual Journey is from Oct 2cd - Oct 9th, 2014 in Bali - over the total lunar exclipse. Fateh Kaur will host a Spiritual and Healing Yoga Retreat with her Shamanic Healer in Bali. This retreat starts in the Volcano area of Sideman and journeys to Ubud the artist village - Yoga & Meditation, blessings, sacred sites, and healings are included in this all inclusive retreat.  

Join famous astrologer Maya White and Fateh for Rejuvenation Retreat over the Full Moon from Nov 2cd - 11th in Kerala, India.  Best time of year for release and realignment this ultimate rejuvenation uses authentic Ayurveda (please see events page for more information). Retreat includes Mystery School and daily Yoga. *Extra tour to the 1,000 year old Kumari Temple on the tip of India from the 9th - 11th.

Bali Sacred Healing Retreat

Full Moon Lunar Eclispe - Healing Journey Oct 2cd - Oct 9th 2014

(Bali - Ubud & Sideman) 7 nights - ALL INCLUSIVE 
Sidemen Photos

This photo of Sidemen is courtesy of TripAdvisor.

7 nights ALL Inclusive Retreat

Yes, I could have reached the same conclusions without ever leaving Brazil, but just like Santiago, the Shepard boy in one of my books, sometimes you have to travel a long way to find what is near. When the rain returns to earth it brings with it things of the air. The magical and the extraordinary are with me and with everyone in the Universe all the time, but sometimes we forget and need to be reminded, even if we have to cross the largest continent in the world from one side to the other. We return laden with treasures that might end up getting buried again, and then we will have to set off once more in search of them. That’s what makes life interesting – believing in treasures and in miracles.” Paulo Coelho

Bali MapJoin Fateh for a Spiritual Healing Yoga Retreat this Oct 2 - 9th in Bali 2014.

Fateh your host and Yogini is an expert traveler and international guide - traveling to Bali for over 25 years.

We will start our Journey at the Nirarta Awareness Center in Sideman at the footsteps of the Agung Volcano. We will stay in lovely villas and enjoy a very a sacred space and deepen our practice, walk through the rice fields and fill our soul. We will also receive special blessings. Then on the way to the artisit village of Ubud, we will make a tour of the Volcanoes area, and visit the Mother temple - over 1,000 years old. Temple Besakih is the most important Temple in Bali, from Sideman - to Ubud where we will stay.

IN Ubud we will stay at a the Ubud Art Villa (, a newly constructed Luxury Villa as our base to visit 2 high energy transforming sacred sites near Ubud, and the nearby artisan villages.

Surrounded by Rice Fields by the Agung Volcano

Surrounded by rice terraces, with the mystical view of the ancient and sacred Agung Volcano in Eastern Bali, we will enter into a deeper dimension of healing and spiritual practice!


The first part of the journey will focus on Yoga, Meditation and Healing for 3 nights at the Nirarta Sacred Yoga Retreat Center in the high mountains of Sideman in Eastern Bali.

Nirarta was the first person to bring Buddhism to Bali. Bali Dharma is the modern belief of the Balinese people which is a mixture of the original Bali Aga an animistic belief where every stone and plant has a spirit, together with the Hindu beliefs which were brought during the pilgrimages from India, and Buddhism - thanks to the Nirarta. This combination of beliefs on Bali makes Bali one of the most exotic cultures in the world today.

The Second part of the Journey will be in Ubud, the artist, culinary, and cultural center of Bali, there we will visit 2 very sacred ancient temples, and have a chance to see the great artistry in Bali. We will stay in an extraordinary Villa called the "ART House" which is walking distance to the center of Ubud and the shops restaurants and museums. We will be 4 nights at the Art House Villa in Ubud. There we will have Yoga sessions in the mornings, and we will also have healing treatments throughout the afternoons. We will receive a special blessing at the sacred Water Temple - a unique and auspicious experienceThere will also be the opportunity to watch the very spiritual fire dance and trance dance.

Ubud Art Villa - luxury Bali StyleSideman Bali VillasA Balinese Shamanic Healer and Priest will be with us for our journey. This will be an opportunity to regain lost flexibility and experience healing on many levels with Shamanic energy healing given through a special pressure point therapy.

3X Healing sessions are included!!! 

Miraculous healing has been experienced on this Healing Journey. In Bali this very special healing Shaman has shared with me over the last 9 years that we have been working together about specific pressure points on blocked channels to open up the body, including points to prevent cancer, and cure precancerous situations! This is a great way also to oxygenate the body! I want to share this person - who been able to help so many people.  

I have received transmissions for some of the energy channel point work which I share in Costa Rica. The retreat offered in Bali is very personalized and each student will work with the shaman personally, and learn what points they need to do to get the blocks out of their own situations. Each Student will have 3X treatments with the shaman that are part of the program. If you would like additional treatments then I can schedule treatments as additional to the program. Your treatment times will be scheduled upon arrival in Bali. When you are not in a treatment session, then you will have free time to enjoy the sights in Ubud, and the wonderful environment at Nirarta Centre when we are in Sideman, or to do an alternative optional activity as visiting one of the other sacred temples, hunting for artwork or taking a traditional Balinese Massage.

Visiting Temple - Retreat in Bali

Blocks in the body cause disease of various types and releasing these blocks is one of the most healing experiences I have ever had. Blocks can appear at any time during your life, can be caused by accidents, poor diet, inadequate exercise or other emotional traumas or loss of a love one. Blocks exist on so many levels. My Yogi - Yogi Bahjan, told us about cellular memory blocks, and how the food we eat plays an important role in what is going on in our Yoga practice and our lives. If you are trying to concieve a family you can also get many benefits from this Healing Journey by releasing blocks.

"I have seen in my Yoga classes - that many people - even very young people could not do certain Yoga postures no matter how long they tried; and given my own personal experience of working with this shaman to release cellular memory, and increase energy in parts of the body, in particular using the flow through the meridians and blood channels - I have been able to reach a level of flexibility rare even in long time Yoga Practitioners - even after a very harsh car accident, and I am also was a x-chronic asthmatic before I changed my diet, and started to practice Yoga regularly." Fateh

In an effort to share my blessings, and the way I completely healed myself, I am offering this special Healing Retreat in 2014 - during a very auspicios time for receiveing healing and starting your life on a different Karmic path! We will be giving this healing to anyone who wants to set an intention to release the blocks that keep them from reaching their potential! And then just do it!" 

Water Temple Blessing

Bali Blessing Goddess Retreat 2010










Airfare not included - Visa on Arrival $25 is available to USA citizens, and most Europeans.

Retreat is all inclusive upon entry to Bali, Indonesia. This retreat includes rd trip transfer from the airport on the scheduled retreat days, and to Sideman and Ubud.

All meals included Vegan / Vegetarian and Raw Foods (if you would like a specific selection just let me know).

Program includes: 

  • All Transfers: Airport (DPS) - DPS airport to Sideman/ Sideman to Ubud / Ubud to DPS on retreat date - return to DPS a irport on retreat dates only
  • Daily Yoga 2X - in the mornings: warm up and Kundalini Yoga Kriya; afternoons / or during sacred site visit: Special meditation
  • 3X Balinese Shamanic Healing treatments (physical/ emotional/ metaphysical - as you need) 
  • Private luxury accommodations - 7 nights (either opt for a shared space or a private room and private bathroom) 4 nights in Ubud, and 3 nights in Sideman
  • ALL Meals: Vegetarian, Vegan or Raw Vegan foods (each location has their own organic gardens)
  • Group hike to Banyan Tree Temple in Sideman - walk through villages and rice fields
  • Vegan Food preparation class included with visit to Ubud market early in the morning - See how easy it is to incorporate more healthy and raw foods into your life for health and life! 
  • Authentic Balinese Dance Performance
  • 2 guided sacred site visits with meditations in Ubud and with Blessing
  • Blessings at the Mother Temple at the Agung Volcano - oldest temple in Bali
  • Free time for Shopping in Ubud
  • Taxes included

- Optional evening cultural dances in Ubud, Museum visits, clothes and art shopping, AdditionalMassage therapies also possible, and additional Shamanic Healings (at additional cost)

Itinerary (times of activities may change to accommodate shaman /or guides for synchronicity to experience opportunities).

  • Goddess at Bali Mother Temple





The entire all inclusive retreat is $2,495 total per person - private separate Bali Style rooms included with private bathroom. *Couple's get an upgraded room.

*You may arrive early to Sideman Nirarta Center to take advantage of better airfare / get over jet lag before the retreat. $150 additional pre-retreat day / per person with dinner, and br


eakfast included. 

*Full Payment required by wire transfer by August 15th - Strict Deadline! 

*Retreat is all inclusive upon entry to Bali, Indonesia - starts on Oct 2cd. Together at Sideman Blessing

Your Yoga Teacher and host is Fateh Kaur Bolivar - Yogini from the Waterfall Villas in Costa Rica with over 25 years experience in Bali. 

Retreat Itinerary: by email

This retreat can have a maximum of 9 persons!

Final registration and FULL payment must be received by August 15th 2014; reservation cannot be accepted after this date. 

Contact Fateh at : This e-mail address is being protected from spam bots, you need JavaScript enabled to view it

Nov 2cd - 9th 2014 FULL MOON Rejuvenation Retreat in India! 

An Auyervedic Healing experince in Kerala- 7 nights

Join Fateh Bolivar of the Waterfall Villas in Costa Rica with world famous astrologer 

Maya White to India, for an incredible Rejuvenation Retreat using the

authentic Pachakarma Therapies with Shirodhara

at an award winning retreat on the Arabian Sea in Kerala, India!

We will be traveling to Thiruvanumthapuram, India (TRV) in Kerala after our retreat in Bali, hosted by Fateh.

Kerala is the place where the most authentic Ayurvedic treatments are part of the culture.

Kerala is where the second half of our amazing Spiritual Journey will begin.

Traveling to the south of India to Kerala we will stay at an award winning wonderful retreat right on the Arabian Sea,

where we will indulge in 6 full days of Pampering with a Rejuvenation Pachakarma program that includes:

Shirodhara and 4 hand Massage,steam baths,herbal formulas, daily Yoga,

and a dosha balancing diet. Singles may choose a garden cottage for private accommodations /

or share and get an upgrade to an ocean view cottage.

Couples can opt for a kerala house if available at the time of registration.

As a special event on our retreat - we will have a special puja - Indian Hindu blessing on the full moon!

In our remaining time, we will visit a local temple.

Retreat includes :

  • Luxury stay on the Arabian Sea. Private (garden view) /or shared cottage (shared cottages are with ocean view)
  • Daily 1.5 - 2 hour long Pachakarma Rejuvenation treatments (6x per person)
  • Ayurveda Doctor visit
  • All Meals
  • Daily Hatha Yoga (3 levels ofered)
  • Daily Kundalini Yoga meditation
  • Full Moon Blessing - Nov 6th
  • Local Temple Visit
  • 4x Mystery School: Lectures and discussion with Maya White astrologer and intuitive
  • Airport Transfers to TRV in the heart of Kerala, India
  • All Taxes

Deeply rooted in the ways of wisdom, the teachings of the Mystery Schools provide keys to the deepest teachings of life. This knowledge is passed down through the oral tradition from teacher to student in an unbroken lineage of physical initiation and can be traced back 3,500 years ago to the time of King Solomon. In the Mystery School is a study of knowledge taken to the deeper point of becoming wisdom.

There are many sources of teachings available through the Mystery school tradition, which often includes, but is not limited to, philosophy and meditation, herbalism and alchemy, astrology and divination, and various forms of ritual magic. In the limited time available to us, we’ll explore 4 subjects with Maya White during 4 different days of our retreat for an in-depth look at how you can apply these teachings to your life.

Day 1: Astrology - taking the magic of the stars to a higher level
Day 2: The Magic of Numbers Seven and Nine - numerology and the two most mystical numbers
Day 3: The Hindu Gods and Goddesses - a journey to meet the gods and goddesses of Hindu culture
Day 4: Divination- (day after Puja) communicating with yourself and others

Maya will also be doing a Oracle card reading for each person for 1 question of divination during our retreat. Maya is also available for additonal Astrology Readings ($150), and in depth Oracle readings ($50).

Total Retreat Cost $3,299.00 per person.

Cost does not include flight to India; nor local flight to Kerala TRV airport.

The Retreat to India does include the Pachakarma Rejuvenation Ayurveda program,

and all additional activities listed, and all meals, and is all inclusive as of reaching TRV airport.

*Airport (TRV) transfer included.

Final registration, and FULL payment must be received by August 15th 2014 (no discounts)

You will require a Visa from the Embassy stamped into your passport - apply 3 months in advance

You will need to send your passport and a picture for your visa and a self addressed envelope.

All information and form  are avialable Online:

Flying into Mumbai is the closest airport to TRV from the east coast of the USA. Please check Visa information to verify international entry point.

For those who would like an extra-curricular tour to the Taj Majal -or spice / tea hillstation in Kerala -

that can be organized by us - if going to Taj, you should book a return flight through Delhi, and then driver to Agra

(cost will depend on details of stay in Agra per request).

*Extra tour to the 1,000 year old Kumari Temple on the tip of India from the 9th - 11th. 

Transfers to airport TRV are complementary.

*Retreat does not include flights into India or to TRV - the closest airport.

United Arab Emirates through Dubai are offering very good options at this time.


Flights from DPS to TRV are possible if joining us from Bali for the India Retreat.

International flights connect in Mumbai to TRV with local airline. Many connections to India available through London..


Contact Fateh at : This e-mail address is being protected from spam bots, you need JavaScript enabled to view it / This e-mail address is being protected from spam bots, you need JavaScript enabled to view it

Skype discussion please email Fateh...

Ayurveda Retreat:  August 10th - 16th, 2014

Renew yourself completely with this Pachakarma rejuvenation!

Experience the fabulous ancient treatments of India right here at the Waterfall Villas in Costa Rica! You will receive 3 treatments for Shirodhara and 4 hand massage, fully relax and enjoy an Ayurvedic diet for balancing during this 5 night retreat. You will have luxury private accommodations during your stay.

At the Waterfall Villas in Costa Rica we are surrounded by nature’s wellness center – the rainforest; it is here that the most pure oxygen is produced on the planet. We invite travelers to a healing journey, free of electronic stimulus, and the bustling world, a place to reconnect with nature and your self.

Program includes: 

  • Daily Yoga 2 hours - in the mornings: 
  • Private counsel with Fateh Kaur on YOUR Life Style, and where you want to be in health (1 hour per guest) 
  • 3 Ayurvedic treatments (1 hr per guest 3x)
  • Private luxury accommodations - 5 nights (private bathroom)
  • All Ayurvedic Meals - Vegetarian or Vegan /Daily fresh coconuts/cooked Auryedic meals vegetarian or vegan in the tradition to balance your dosha
  • Group Waterfall Blessing
  • Taxes 13%

Single - 5 nights $1,795.00 Total

Sharing with a partner/ friend? Total for 2 persons sharing the same suite (King bed /or Jacuzzi Suites on first come first serve) 5 nights for $2,995

20% deposit by wire transfer required to secure registration  

Energize Your Life! - RAW Foods Detox with Yoga 6 night Retreat,

August 20 - 27th, 2014 / Sept 14th - 20th, 2014

Cleanse and renew your spirit by freeing the body of all that needs to be released. Organic Raw Vegan Fare of the best quality that Costa Rica has to offer is the main healing ingredient in this Life transitional program - 6 Nights in an all inclusive program with Fateh Kaur Bolivar includes gentle Kundalini Yoga and sacred circulation meditation from her Balinese Shaman.

Detoxing with Raw Food - brings balancing, alkalizing, and rejuvenation - let the waterfalls full of ionic energy fill you with healing, and feel complete relaxation. This all inclusive retreat is right next to the waterfalls the sacred and magical - Cascadas Farallas Waterfalls. Where 2 waterfalls meet there is a magical vortex called the "champujan" there you will receive a Balinese water blessing to renew your life with energy from the goddess of the waters - Life Source! Take a Healing Journey emotionally and spiritually. Detox Yoga for your body, mind, and soul with Fateh as your guide.

Fateh Kaur Bolivar - Yoga teacher

Nauyaca Waterfall Hike

Detoxification is the first step in clearing the body and mind to regain your health. Meditation next to the powerful waterfalls allows the mind to be cleansed so that with peace instilled int he mind, one’s body can enter into a healing journey. When we are in rhythm with the life force we can heal ourselves. Balance is achieved by practicing Detox Yoga, with a primarily Raw/Vegan diet with a preference for raw fresh organic foods. Here in the tropical south of Costa Rica there is a phenomenal amount of fresh tropical fruits and luscious vegetables that can be had almost all year around. In my kitchen, I work with the new flavors from this bounty that is Costa Rica, and together with my staff we prepare healing meals for our guests. I will introduce you to the Medicinal Gourmet, using fresh herbs and pure essential oils to assist the body's own healing powers.

The food tasFish pose at the Waterfall Deckstes more alive, because it is, and so full of the energy of this pure environment. That is how you energize your life, through nourishment and mind-body-soul balance.

A especially designed Detox Spa treatment is included with your retreat using hot lava stones which I collected myself from West Bali beaches - these stones pull out toxins from the body, then you will receive a mixture of deep tissue and a lymphatic point stimulation, the treatment is completed with a luscious facial to clean the skin and give you a glowing complexion.

You will have luxury private accommodations during your stay. All RAW Vegan meals included for maximum detox acceleration, or a more gentle cooked vegan approach for the evening meal is an option by request. BY taking out gluten and any thing that would not allow clearing you will release and achieve balance. You can also add a wonderful juice cleanse for up to 3 days - on request before arrival.

At the Waterfall Villas in Costa Rica we are surrounded by nature’s wellness center – the rainforest; it is here that the most pure oxygen is produced on the planet. We invite travelers to a healing journey, free of electronic stimulus, and the bustling world, a place to reconnect with nature and your self.

Program includes: 

  • Daily Detox Yoga  2 hours - in the mornings: Stretching and warm up then a Detox Kundalini Yoga Kriya; Spiritual discussions, and special meditations. 
  • Private counsel with Fateh Kaur on YOUR Life Style, and where you want to be in health (1 hour per guest) 
  • Detox Spa treatment (1 hr per guest)
  • Private luxury accommodations - 6 nights (private bathroom)
  • All Detox Meals with Raw Vegan foods - all meals / may have cooked vegan  meals in the evenings for those who want to detox gently /Daily fresh coconuts/ Juice fasting for 3 days - up to 5 days offered on request*
  • Group Activity - TBD
  • Raw Food preparation class included - See how easy it is to incorporate more raw foods into your life for health and life! 
  • Taxes 13%

Single - 6 nights $1,795 Total

Sharing with a partner/ friend? Total for 2 persons sharing the same suite (King bed /or Jacuzzi Suites on first come first serve) 6 nights for $2,995.00 Total

20% deposit by wire transfer required to secure registration 

*Juice fasting must be requested in advance at reservation 

Beyond the Mind - Find your Soul Connection

A Yoga and Nature experience in Costa Rica for 6 nights

Nov 30 - Dec 6th

Take your Yoga practice to a deeper level next to amazing energy at the Cascadas Farallas Waterfalls. All inclusive retreat is for all levels of experience. Meditations to channel the energy for reaching a Soul Connection. Here is an opportunity to delve into Spirit, and feel the Soul - one of the most spiritual aspects of a Yoga practice. Through making the connection to our soul we can achieve insights and visions resulting in transformation. 

IN April and July - we will as a group take the Dolphin and Whale watching tour.

All inclusive retreat includes all Vegetarian / Vegan meals or Raw Vegan meals given at the Waterfall Villas Wellness Center in Costa Rica.

Private rooms with private bathrooms. Couples / friends may share room for a discounted rate.

The Waterfall Villas is a luxury boutique retreat in the tropical Balinese style with the balconies right next to the top of the Cascadas Farallas Waterfalls. Several Yoga decks next to the waterfalls make for a very sacred place to practice in the rainforest next to the most beautiful and exotic nature in the world. 

Program includes: 

  • Daily Yoga 2 hours - in the mornings: Stretching and warm up then Kundalini Yoga Kriya; Spiritual discussions about understanding the mind from the great masters, and special meditations. 
  • Private luxury accommodations - 6 nights (private bathroom)
  • All Meals Vegetarian / Vegan / Raw Vegan
  • Whale and Dolphin Tour - transfer not included*
  • Private session with Fateh - 1 hour per person
  • Relax Massage - 1 hour per person
  • Taxes 13%

20% deposit by wire transfer required to secure registration at least 7 days before arrival.

Total  July - single $1,695; Couple / or friends sharing room $2,495.00 Total with taxes.

An opportunity to have a soul retrieval with Shamaness Sabina (optional $125).

2015 Goddess Retreat Turkey

(Oct 1st - Oct 11th) 10 nights!

Join us at the heart of the Ancient World for the most incredible - Goddess Yoga Retreat - a time to live like a Goddess - Renew the vows of your past life - empower your self in this life! Visit sacred sites of Cappadocia and Ephesus, Practise Yoga, learn about Belly dance, how to guide your destiny, astrology, wonderful healthy Mediterranean food - the most healthy diet according to Dr Oz. Enjoy ancient sites on the Mediterranean sea, ... and so much more!!!

Daily Kundalini Yoga and Meditations, Goddess Astrology readings, visits to Sacred Sites, Guided Shopping - an fabulous experience in Turkey!!!

Experience the healing of a Turkish steam bath and a fabulous massage. 

Offered by Fateh Kaur Bolivar with over 20 years experience in Turkey of the Waterfall Villas in Costa Rica, and Maya White of MayaWhite Astrology who has also has experience in leading groups with Fateh.

Fateh - YoginiMaya White - Astrologer













$4,595 Total per person for this 10 night all inclusive retreat! Lead by Fateh and Maya

***Deposit is $1,200 per person deposit required by wire transfer by June 1st, 2015 (does not include wire fees).

Early Bird for payment in full by May 15, 2015 receive a 5% discount

Final registration and payment - 40 days in advance by August 25th, 2015. 

Flight not included to Istanbul, Turkey. Visa on Arrival available to USA citizens, and most Europeans. 

Daily Meals included

This retreat can have a maximum of 12 persons! Register as soon as possible by writing Fateh at This e-mail address is being protected from spam bots, you need JavaScript enabled to view it  

There is a synchronicity of events from the moment you get off the plane. You might not be aware of it at first, but if you take the time to be observant, to live in the moment when you are with Goddess Maya and Fateh, you will be guided to realize your spiritual awakening!

Hot Springs - Volcano



We hope that you will join us for one of our Retreats!!! 







Waterfall Villas - Raw foods Inspirational Class with Fateh Bolivar

Fateh the Raw foods Chef at the Waterfall Villas will present a delicious Raw meal that everyone can fit into their life style to start becoming more raw. My Raw Inspiration Series is having the second class in a this series of raw foods courses that will show you how easy it is to start becoming more raw and using more of the the fine fresh ingredients we have here in Costa Rica to do it! 

Ask for dates - also for private classes RSVP ONLY - as much dehydrator preparation and garden / wild forest foraging goes into preparation of each class :)

Menu will be from my Asian fusion collection

Example- serving my famous Tomato & Coconut Soup, Zuchini rolls filled with my version of Broccoli pate with fresh veggies accompanied by a seasonal sauces, and for desert an incredible Raw Orange Tart with chocolate crust!!!  Fresh juice offered as well and a natural red hibiscus tea/or kombucha.

Raw foods are featured in this 2 hour class, with recipes, and you will be served this delicious meal.

$85 per person for a class/or couples $160! ...RSVP at

This e-mail address is being protected from spam bots, you need JavaScript enabled to view it or call +(506) 8882 7687

Chocolate Crepes with coconut ice scream!


Join me in 2014! RSVP ONLY!!!








Art workshop - By request

Chinese brush painting is a very old and traditional style. Fateh will be doing an introductory class which draws on the nature here in Costa Rica - Waterfall Villas to learn to paint orchids and butterflies Dragonflies and other plants. The art is done on a cotton mix paper, using Chinese paints or ground semi-precious stone such as lapis lazuli and malachite. Fateh's paintings follow the linage of the Lingnan School tradition, and mounted on pure silk tapestry by the Hong Kong Master - Micheal Poon. Art is shipped to anywhere in the world from Miami Gallery. Also, shown at galleries in San Jose, Costa Rica. Workshop will cover the basic strokes, and techniques in the lingnan style. Light lunch included and tea with an afternoon treat.

You will need to bring your own supplies - can be ordered at OAS in California.  1 yard felt material, Black ink, practice paper, a set of Marie's Chinese watercolors, and a min of 3 bamboo brushes: orchid and bamboo, medium horse hair, detail brush. Call Fateh for more information: + (506) 8882 7687. Max 8 persons. $80 per person for 1 day of class.

All inclusive retreat at special rates 3 nights single $750 with classes and meals, 2 persons $1,200 sharing a suite and classes included for 2 for 2 days. Taxes included. Larger suites reserved for couples/friends sharing.

Each student will need to bring all supplies - these can be bought at OAS in California by mail order.

Caballos del Mar by Fateh

Tamarind Monkeys by Fateh












Retreats at the Waterfall Villas - offered by other healing therapists during high season Jan - May 2014!!!

Transformational Retreats - 
As featured in Retreats Online ...
A Yoga Retreat at the Waterfall Villas in Costa Rica is a very special experince. Being so close to nature every moment is like a Sadhana.
Cascadas Farallas Waterfalls - Yoga Retreat Costa Rica
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