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Waterfall Villas Detox Packages and Massage Therapy Services

Waterfall Day SPA - traditional Balinese healing sanctuary located in a tropical garden with an outdoor open air shower and secluded treatment area.

Ritual of beauty

The Waterfall Spa offers deep tissue massage and our signature lava rock massage, as well as the Ayurveda Detoxing Pancha Karma and Shirodhara treatments. 

Enter the Spa through exquisite carved Balinese doors; Spa is finished in Costa Rican Lava Stone, with hand carved Lava rock sinks, adorned with carved white limestone flowers from Bali, white marble tile, and Balinese lanterns.

Waterfall Day Spa

*Special Offer* Wellness Detox


March 1st - May 30th

Rejuvenate in the most exotic rainforest in Costa Rica with world class Spa treatments at the Waterfall Villas Spa. Combine relaxation by the waterfalls, healthy cuisine, and stress relieving therapeutic treatments.

Offering a personalized healing retreat, a Yoga Vacation, and an opportunity to transition towards a life style of vibrant health using a holistic approach to healthy living.

  • 5 nights Goddess Suite - Queen bed, w/ceiling fan, private meditation garden balcony towards the top of the Waterfalls!
  • All detox meals - personalized menu
  • 1 Therapeutic Massage with Cucumber Honey Facial treatment (2.0 hrs)
  • 1 Private meditation class
  • Taxes (13%)

Single $1,595.00 Total /or $2,295.00 for 2 persons in the same suite

Press Release our Ultimate Detox Program

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Waterfall Villas is now offering Temezcal - sweat lodge ceremony throughout the summer season in our nature reserve. This ancient ritual of detoxification and rebirth is a unique spiritual journey practiced in similar ways by indigenous peoples worldwide. On the day of the Temezcal many ceremonies are done, and the sweat lodge is created with a bamboo structure, and covered with blankets representing the womb of the Mother Earth. Sacred stones are heated in a specially created fire and the water from the waterfalls is used to create the steam for the purification process. This is a magical experience and a wonderful way to detox. $65 per person * weekly ceremonies or on request 2 persons minimum. 

Massage at the Waterfall Deck

What is a detox program?

The Waterfall Spa is one of the most relaxing areas in which you can receive healing treatments at the Waterfall Villas.This space is suitable for our more deluxe therapies such as the lava rock detox with full body mask - a wonderful outdoor shower awaits you!

Waterfall Day Spa Package

You can now visit the Waterfall Villas as part of our Day Spa Services - even if you are not staying at the villas!

  • Waterfall Massage (1 hour)
  • Detox Lunch at our Bali Pavilion
  • Visit to the Cascadas Farallas Waterfalls!
Total per person $150

You can also have a Waterfall Massage as a couple massage right at the base of the largest waterfall cascade on our wooden relax decks in the open air, a midst the butterflies and singing rain forest birds you will feel like you are having a massage in the waterfall! and  you may also have your massage treatment on your private balcony.

Day Spa Therapist

See our Detox Package section for more exciting offers!  

The Jade Spa Villa is especially designed with a private treatment garden for detoxifying exfoliation and Spa treatments. We invite you to retreat from the world, release all of the stress in your life, and rejuvenate! Surrounded by the lushness of the rainforest - our setting is unique in concept, scope and location. Bask in the canopy listening to the sounds of the waterfalls and exotic birds. Experience a Healing Journey in the most exclusive rejuvenation wellness center in Costa Rica!

Your healing journey begins with a soothing relaxation in the Vita Spa Jacuzzi in your private rainforest garden adorned with orchids and bromeliad. Enjoy a high powered top of the line Spa Jacuzzi while you watch the toucans sing.

Local organic fresh ingredients are blended - Jamu is an ancient Asian method to create Silk Goddess skin! 

Our private chef and dedicated therapists will create an atmosphere of healing and caring. You will receive our complete attention on your Healing Journey. See our Cuisine section for more...

Every treatment is a personalized ritual!

See our Detox Package section for more exciting offers!

Ready for your massage?
Rainforest aromatherapy creates a mood for your spirit to absorb the primal energies surrounding you in the rainforest...our skilled therapists are here to pamper you like you deserve!

Massage Treatments

Mayan Jaguar & Bambu Massage  
Our signature Mayan Jaguar & Bambu deep tissue massages are a jungle treat that will take away the strain of everyday life and leave you fresh and alive to enjoy your holiday of relaxation and adventure...
Bamboo sticks of various thicknesses are applied using pressure points and rolls for a totally tropical natural healing into the depths of your body releasing cellular memory and toxins.

Our therapist Rachela reconnects with her Mayan ancestry to give the Jaguar Massage - using unique special movements that work wonders to erase aging and restore your vitality.
$100 /1 hour.

Balinese organic body mask and Jamu/salt scrubs are $50 after a Jaguar Massage! 

 Luxurious therapy

Deluxe Detox Lava Stone Therapy
The ultimate treatment for detox and relaxation. Organic coconut oil is worked into the muscles with warmed volcanic stones for releasing toxins, balancing and healing the chakra centers of the body with special crystals. *Therapy includes a detoxifying organic coffee scrub, and Costa Rican organic Sacred Mayan chocolate total body mask!

Our therapist Rachela, of Mayan ancestry will work these stones into your body until there are no knots left - marvelous!

This massage is taken at the Waterfall Spa or at the Jade Spa Villa.

$200 for 2 hours of tranquility, reflection, and revitalizationDeluxe Lava Stone Massage

Single occupancy, all taxes included. *If you have a friend who would like to join you in the Ultimate Retreat Program, email us for a special rate for 2 persons in same 2 bedroom Villa.

Waterfall Massage
Our Waterfall massage is a total relax massage / deep tissue maasge usually given on the decks facing the waterfalls suring the dry season for a total immersion into the rainforest. Applying deep tissue techniques so that your muscles will melt into the waterfalls. Float into bliss as you look up into the canopy!

$100 per person /1 hour of relaxation

Enter to the Jade Spa

Healing Therapeutic Massage

Ananda is a therapist who has graced our wellness Waterfall Spa offerings with a highly educative (physical therapist), as well as highly intuitive massage that will clear out your body blocks in a most incredible manner. By applying pressure points, and using pure Young Living essential oils she is able to release cellular memory, and promote the most detoxifying and healing effects. Particularly effective for chronic pain areas, strains and injures. Deep tissue and therapeutic massages are her specialties.

$165 for 1.5 hours of total Healing! $50 for each additional half hourDetox and transform

Pancha Karma - with Shirodhara Ayurveda Treatment

In the Waterfall Spa the world will take on a new dimension, a new Aura, and you will transform in harmony with the nature around you. This is the Ultimate Transformation in Deep Relaxation. Traditionally offered in the South of India this special set of treatments is now offered in Costa Rica.

According to the ancient knowledge of the Vedas, your Dosha, body type is based on a specific mixture of the 5 elements. Your Dosha will be analyzed to determine what type of balancing you will need to reach harmony inside and out! The correct oils for your Dosha will be specifically blended to use for your massages and the Shirodhara - third eye opening, a total relaxation treatment.

Our Ayurvedic treatments are offered in a package of three treatments - to gain maximum benefits and performed in conjunction with the Abhanga massage treatment of the Diva Goddess - a ancient rite of beauty and for well-being practiced for thousands of years, and now at the Waterfall Villas these secrets are being offered to you.

You will start your treatments with a meditation, then two therapists will massage your body in synchronization using the ancient techniques, then the oils that have been determined for your dosha will be poured on your forehead in a continuous stream for abut 30 minutes. You will then have a detox tea. You will feel the effects of this treatment after the third session - it is an amazing treatment that works on many levels.

3X Shiro with Abhanga Treatment Package - $700.00 with additional treatments $200 each

3 treatments is the minimum recommended. Many additional benefits are seen after 5- 7 treatments including the ability to totally release toxins from the body.

Open Air Spa Shower

*Only fresh prepared ingredients with no additives and no chemicals of any kind!  Our Jamu is an Ayurveda personalized formula.

Please email or call for longer stays & custom combos…100% living foods raw detox available!

 Waterfall Decks - Massage in total bliss

*The Menu is subject to change if for any reason fresh ingredients are unavailable to sustain quality of treatment.

 Stress relief

Waterfall Villas! A Healing Journey!

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