Our Articles have been written by many new fans of the Waterfall Villas and also by our staff.

Honeymoon at the Waterfall Villas

Your Honeymoon is where you really start a new life together, even if you have been living together. A honeymoon is the special opportunity where you can add spice to your love life, rejuvenate, and create a new life style together for the rest of you life.

A Honeymoon can be the experience that will be a lingering memory to carry you through all of the challenges of married life. Somewhere to think about when life gets dull or stressed, Every time you think about that trip you will remember those Tantric nights!  You will remember why you were with this partner in the first place, and why you are so compatible.

Since a Honeymoon is so special, you should find the perfect place to enjoy each other and not have to worry about anything else – especially food. When traveling to foreign countries you do not want to add any more stress – especially on a Honeymoon, and often the food is just not what you had in mind. Now in Costa Rica - Vegetarians, Vegans and Raw Foodists can discover a bit of heaven during thier Honeymoon at the Waterfall Villas where the food is fresh, organic, exciting and excellent, the ambiance is ultra romantic, and the suites are of sublime sheer luxury. This stunning exclusive small boutique hotel will have you in the perfect mood for the best honeymoon of your lives!

Honeymoon Packages can be found in the honeymoon section of the Waterfall Villas website.

Tantric Honeymoon - Exotic Tropical Adventure –  4 magic nights for lovers!

There is no where on earth quite like this!

  • Luxury Honeymoon Waterfall Suite - w/Private Jacuzzi / AC, balcony to the top of the falls
  • Private Indulgence w/ Treats and Chilled Champagne / organic wine / exotic juices with fresh made sensual treats made with organic sun roasted vegan chocolate / home made cake/ and fresh exotic tropical fruits…served in suite or by the waterfalls!
  • Therapeutic Massage Treatment 1.5 hours each
  • Romantic Candlelit dinner for 2 persons (pick 1 night)
  • Private Couple’s Yoga session – just for 2
  • Waterfall Blessing – just for 2 and enjoy private time at Waterfalls
  • Guided Hike to giant Nauyacu Waterfalls with picnic lunch (private tour) ** / OR Canopy Zipline Tour or easy rainforest hike at Baru Reserve*
  • Daily breakfast & taxes included!

Through Dec 15th  2011 total $1,595 for 4 nights for 2 persons

You can also create your own customized Honeymoon Package with your specific requests at the same great discounts.

The Waterfall Villas is located in the South Pacific region of Costa Rica near Dominical Beach and the Osa Peninsula, just 30 minutes from Manuel Antonio. Private villas created in the Balinese luxury style offer a level of luxury, and detail that is hard to find and at affordable prices outside of Bali.

Offering Daily Yoga, and Spa treatments at the Waterfall Spa, services include a Couple’s Massage next to  the Waterfalls on beautiful wooden decks in the rainforest..  

The South Pacific region also has plenty of adventure: horseback riding, different rivers for white water rafting, snorkeling and diving at nearby Cano Island, viewing animals at Manuel Antnio National Park, and at the Corcovado National Park, and the Private Baru Revere.  Experience exquisite orange and pink sunsets watching the surfers at Dominical Beach, and even spice it up with salsa dancing and mojitos – local nightlife o Saturday nights.

Honeymoon Costa Rica: Private Waterfalls at Waterfall Villas

Forgiviness and Detox by Yemaya

You might wonder what Forgiveness has to do with detox? Everything is interconnected, your physical body, your emotional body, your mentality and your spirituality are all part of the whole that makes up you and your level of wholeness. You can exercise all you like, eat all the right foods, follow all the physical detoxification processes that are listed to wo/mankind, but if you are still holding onto anger, indignation and resentments, you still have poison in your body. Non-Forgiveness keeps you held in the struggle of fear, revenge, hurt, blame & jealousy. It keeps you a prisoner of past events and in the illusion of separation. If you are wanting to really embark on this journey of detoxification, forgiveness plays a major role in your healing journey.  

Ask yourself "What am I holding onto"? For in order for you to be able to let go of the old thought patterns which are dead, as they exist in your past & no longer serve you. In order to make room for the new and living aspects of your life to enter, first there has to be Forgiveness. 

Easier said than done right? How do we go about creating forgiveness in our lives? Each of us may choose to deal with forgiveness in our own individual ways. Sometimes we are able to meet and be honest with the other concerned, showing our vulnerability, expressing our fears and coming to a resolve. Other times, it is not possible to physically meet with that person, but the process is the same in order to forgive them within and release the poison stored  deep in your cellular memory

At the core of forgiveness is recognising that we are all here as part of a much bigger picture, all interconnected to one another, there is no separation. Forgiveness is the recognition, the awakening, to the reality that the separation never occurred in our eternal reality. Forgiveness removes the blocks to seeing the eternal goodness in and unity and equality with one another. Forgiveness removes the fog obscuring the reflection the divine within others, which in turn leads to the same sight within ourselves. Ultimately, forgiveness opens the experience that whatever is perceived to have been done in time has had no effect upon eternal oneness, we all still remain as we were created, united in LOVE.

Let it go...Restore your faith in yourself & life itself. The single most important process you can do is that, that brings Peace, Harmony & Love into your life and this is not possible without Forgiveness.

We hope you enjoy learning more about the Waterfall Villas, activities, honeymoons, Waterfall Weddings and our Detox and Yoga retreat packages in our lovely Costa Rica.

This is the latest article by Fateh on the threats to the rainforest. Also see our blog link for more about conservation efforts in the area - Path of the Tapir official biological corridor.

Here are some pictures from a guest:  Enjoy Waterfall Villas Guest Photo Album

Understanding the Origins of Yoga by Fateh Kaur Bolivar

“Once the perfect discipline of consciousness is mastered, wisdom dawns.”
– Pantanjali 3.5

I hear the call of a seashell horn. It is the elder. The stars are still lighting the dark night. Lying on my left side to focus my inhalation through the right nostril, sun energy enters my body waking me up quickly. Crawling out from under the fur cover, I make my way out of the yurt. Kneeling on the ground to touch the earth, I make my sacred sounds. Lifting my body up into an arrow with my hands held high. Lowering my body down flat, only letting my hands and my toes touch ground. Then swooping into a leopard like stretch, I look behind tracing out the path the sun will make while in its power. With my feet and hands solid on the earth, I form a mountain’s shape with my body. Touching the earth in a bow towards the rising sun, stretching back in an arch and then forward, I can feel the blood warm in my veins.
The sunrise over the eastern mountains is in hues of pink and orange, and now opening into a blue sky. I join the others walking up the hill where the elder has been waiting. From up here I can see the next valley beyond – later we will follow the path by the river and meditate at the roots of the sacred tree. The elder sleeps in this tree hanging upside down. The mountains change to a deep violet color. I take my place, and follow the elder in his movements and chants. We trust his wisdom. He will carry our people through our spirit lives and we will be prepared to travel to the next realm. His knowledge has been passed to him from the ancestors and in the spirit walks that only the elders participate in. How old he is no one knows for sure. He has told us that soon we will migrate to the south west to a place we have never been.
Visions of a Shamanic tribe 50,000 BC

Yoga has gradually evolved over thousands of years through many cultures linked by the common quest for self-transcendence. The experience of becoming free from the ego and awakening the Kundalini is a universal process for finding the infinite. Yoga was created from a deep understanding of nature, the human body, life philosophy, health, healing, and spiritual attainment. Yoga means union. Given such a definition of yoga, one can envision a systemization of yogic practices stemming from as long ago as 80,000 BC—a short time ago, given the age of mankind. At the root of spiritual experience, we have traced the oldest forms of yoga practice to the Shamans of Central Asia. These Shamanistic practices are over 60,000 years old. We know this from evidence found in ancient caves depicting meditations, trances, and out-of-body experiences.
Much more evidence is found in the time period around 6,000 years ago. Hieroglyphs found in the Indus Valley, an area encompassing hundreds of miles in the north of India and Pakistan, clearly show people in Lotus pose, and using other familiar postures. This was roughly the same time that the Egyptians were building the first pyramids. In the temple at Abydos, Egypt, a sacred site, the hieroglyphics show a clear use of mudras when healing with energy.

The Indus Valley civilization of 1800 BC was blessed with over a thousand years dedicated to the development of yoga. The people thrived, living in stability and harmony. At that time, Harappa, in the north Mohenjo-Daro, was a city of 50,000 people practicing meditation and yoga. Commerce flourished through trade routes with China, and even the European continent assisted in the spread of yogic philosophy. Massive shifts in global weather patterns caused forced migrations. Migrations have occurred in different waves throughout history and are the catalysts for the blending of cultures and greater development of spiritual practices.

In the Vedic epoch around 1000 BC, we find yoga as a great tradition practiced by the Aryans. The Aryans spoke Sanskrit and were Indo-European nomads. They were aggressive and warrior-like. In the Mahabharata, an epic poem, we are told the lore of yoga. The message in this writing is that beyond strife and war, a liberated state exists that transcends all of the worldly desires and personal achievements. In the Vedas, we received many hymns that were composed by great seers or rishis who had gained a meditative state and merged with a higher consciousness.

A focus on yoga again appears after 800 BC during the Upanishadic epoch. The word Upanishad literally means to sit near and be meditative. In this period, we find ecstatic writings about the technology of transcendence. The Upanishad period was dedicated to the instruction of yoga. The concept of guru and disciple was formalized with great respect. One hundred-eight original teachings of traditional verses, known as the Vendanta, were used for transmission from a spiritual teacher. Over a hundred additional verses have been added over the centuries. The key insights are that the infinite can be known and that the universal being and the soul are not different. But the scriptures of this period tell us that enlightenment is required for such realizations.

Between 500 BC and 200 AD, the pillars of yogic thought emerge in the Ramayana and the Bhagavad Gita. Through these works, portrayed as stories, we are taught that virtues lead to liberation, and we also gain an understanding of discipline and the love of truth. Karma Yoga is taught directly in these works to show us that we can be unattached even in the middle of a horrible war. Attachment keeps us bound to reaction. Instead, we must learn to act from what is cosmically correct—from dharma.

The classic epoch spans from 200 to 800 AD. During this period, six schools of yogic philosophy were codified. The most important work of this period was the Yoga Sutras of Pantanjali. These sutras are a culmination of the knowledge about yoga up to that point in history. Pantanjali identified 8 limbs (Ashtanga yoga) or interrelated aspects of yoga that are essential for the refinement of the mind to discern fantasy from true intuition and enlightenment. Pantanjali’s efforts have had a tremendous impact on the modern understanding of yoga practice.

Today, the ease of travel and further migrations and immigration are creating a global community, which is opening the possibility for an enormous expansion of knowledge and integration of philosophy. From the classic period to modern times, many yogas have emerged, including Kundalini Yoga (passed on to us by the Sikh Gurus from the teachings of Guru Nanak in northern India), Bhakti Yoga, Amrit Yoga, Hatha Yoga, Vinyasa Yoga, Bikram Yoga, and many other yogas that have come about from the merging of Eastern and Western cultures. For example, in Kundalini Yoga, as taught by Yogi Bhajan, nature is exalted, like in Shintoism of Japan or Bali Aga, and there are White Tantric practices, like in Buddhism. Many yogic postures and meditations are also shared among the different yoga practices, with some minor alterations.

As the Aquarian age unfolds, yoga and yogic philosophy will continue to evolve and transform. As more and more people practice yoga, they will expect an authentic experience that includes real healing—emotionally and physically, as well as a spiritual connection for the individual. Ascetic cultures that care little for the physical form will wane, and yoga practices that focus solely on the physical form will also transform, as a true balance is strived for. The infinite consciousness will be sought out more than ever before!

In the dawn of the future, people will learn to heal their beliefs, and we will manifest an age where enlightened beings reach a critical mass once again.

Honeymoon Costa Rica: Romantic Waterfalls, Tropical Beaches and the Most Luxurious Suites where the Rainforest meets the Pacific at Waterfall Villas

Exotic settings are abound in Costa Rica, but what really makes the difference is the absolute beauty afforded by a luxury tropical style Suite to spend romantic quality time on your honeymoon. Secluded in the rainforest, Waterfall Villas boutique eco-retreat Suites have been designed with romantic escapades in mind, as well as the environment. Experience the perfect ambiance for the most romantic tropical adventure of your life! Honeymoon Suites have high vaulted ceilings of cedar wood, teak royalty King bed with silky Egyptian cotton, best quality European mattress, over sized high powered Jacuzzi and large glass doors and windows for viewing the awe-inspiring forest. Adorned with Zen furnishings of teak and bamboo, beautiful artwork, and statues from Bali. This level of luxury and personal service is beyond what you will find at any resort in Costa Rica.

Imagine bathing with your lover under a 100ft tall cascading stairway to heaven waterfall, relaxing on the wood decks at the falls, listening to the sound of the waterfalls off your balcony – at the top of the waterfall cascade! The constant flow of crystalline white water is breathtaking. Exotic giant florescent blue butterflies dance every day in the falls, while birds flash colors; this is the primeval rainforest, and your Suite is right next to a reality canopy picture show.

Candle-lit dinners next to the Waterfalls are a fabulous culinary delight; the chef offers a wide range of world cuisine, including gourmet vegetarian, and raw vegan food. Enjoy luxurious massages at the Waterfall Spa with the love of your life. The property has nature trails and lots of special places to sit and enjoy your romantic getaway.

The South Pacific region also has plenty of adventure: horseback riding, different rivers for white water rafting, snorkeling / diving at nearby Cano Island, and eco discovery at the Corcovado National Park and the Baru Reverve.  Experience exquisite orange purple sunsets watching the surfers at Dominical Beach, and even spice it up with salsa dancing and mojitos – local nightlife and restaurants abound.

For Romantic Getaways, and more Honeymoon Package details.

A recent Honeymoon couple set up an informative Honeymoon blog about us with thier pictures and comments from April, 2010.

In Feb 2010,  Waterfall Villas was visited by the only English News Paper of Costa Rica the Tico Times - this is a great article on what they experienced at the Waterfall Villas -  Article in the Tico Times

Another independent writer created another interesting article about us in an Online new source Costa Rica News

A recent Hotel guest put a Waterfall Villas experience photo album online - Check it out!

The Healing Journey – Detox cleansing in Costa Rica

“It does not matter if you give medicine; you can give food instead. It will heal. You can give water. Some spiritual healers take a glass of water, put their hand on it, and hand it to you...” Siri Singh Sahib Bhai Sahib Harbhajan Singh Khalsa Yogiji

My Yogi once told me that I could heal people by serving them a cucumber, and I laughed with doubt. My first trip to the Himalayas I stumbled across a small village on the outskirts of a pine forest that surrounded the Sherab Ling Monastery where I was staying. I walked into the village – The houses are all painted white, a woman with a baby in her arms talks to a neighbor in the middle of a small vegetable garden, a large blue lotus is painted on the wall behind her. As soon as she saw me she stopped talking, gave her baby to the neighbor, and stooped down to grab something out of the garden, and then raced over to me. Startled, I gasped and then saw that she held up a cucumber and offered it to me! Our eyes met for a moment as she passed me the cucumber over the fence. I clasped the fruit in prayer pose and bowed Namaste to her giving my thanks. Hungry and tired on the way to Bir temple, I was so happy for the gift, and when I sat along side a stream and ate it remembering what my Yogi had told me, I knew this was a profound message for me.

I grew up in Santa Monica, California and even as a child, I remember on my walk to school, the smell of the herbicides used on the lawns, the processed foods that I ate everyday, and the noise of airplanes made my head buzz. Now days there are cell towers everywhere, many other forms of pollution, and many people spend most of their day connected to an electronic communications devise. I needed to detox from that exposure, and I know that many people live with those toxins accumulating everyday. That is why when I created this sanctuary for wildlife and to save a piece of the rainforest it is also with the intention to share it with people who need to disconnect and to detox from the industrial world.

 Pure crystalline water is one of the most incredible forces of nature, and being next to the amazing constantly changing Cascadas Farallas Waterfalls is like experiencing a healing mantra. The mind is cleansed so that with peace one’s body can enter into a healing journey. When we are in rhythm with the life force we can heal ourselves. Balance is achieved by practicing Detox Yoga and eating a primarily vegetarian diet with a preference for raw fresh organic foods.  Here in the tropical south of Costa Rica there is a phenomenal amount of fresh tropical fruits and luscious vegetables that can be had almost all year around. In my kitchen I work with the new flavors from this bounty that is Costa Rica and prepare healing meals for our guests. Here  Her




 The foods taste more alive because they are, and so full of the energy of a pure environment.

Today at the Waterfall Villas in Costa Rica we are surrounded by nature’s wellness center – the rainforest; it is here that the most pure oxygen is produced on the planet. We invite travelers to a healing journey, free of electronic stimulus and the bustling world, a place to reconnect with nature and your self. My garden and my kitchen is where I devise healing energetic live foods for personalized Detox cleansing programs . See more information on our programs at

 Article by a recent guest:

We arrived in Canada safely. Very little snow on the ground, temperature -7 C. This year  winter without much magic, treats us gently.

Our trip from the Cascadas Farallas – Waterfall Villas to the airport in San Jose was great. Your most friendly shuttle driver read our hunger for more sightseeing instantly and stopped at the places of interest or pointed out things like rice fields or oxen pulling the wagon through the grove filled with palm fruits for the palm oil extraction. About 15 km north of Jaco (Carara National Park) we stopped and watched beautiful birds of paradise - scarlet macaws flying high above the forest canopy displaying the beauty of their scarlet red tails and bright blue and yellow wings*  

Our next stop was to watch close to a dozen crocodiles basking in the sun on the edge of the Tarcoles River. On the other side of the bridge some fifty meters away thirsty horses were quietly drinking water of the same Tarcoles River. “Crocodiles and horses are friends”, our driver solved my concern. More than 2000 American crocodiles live in the Carara National Park and call the Tarcoles River home.  This is the planet's biggest population of these large reptiles and some measure more than 12 feet in length. The name "Carara" is an indigenous term meaning "river of crocodiles". Isabelle, my daughter took a couple of pictures of them, you can see the Costa Rican picture collection on her Face book, see the link below.

We are hungry by now. On the arrival at the San Jose airport a striking reality awaits us. Across from the beautiful Costa Rican gift store a set of SAD American diet food courts and nothing else for a choice. Just in case we have missed the intoxication by fast food cuisine traveling to distant countries. The power of America! Fortunately I stuffed myself with the sun ripened Costa Rican mangoes, papayas and granadillas (passion fruit) I believe is the name while we were driving. Another small example that struck me on the occasion of getting a few souvenirs from the local grocery store in Dominical - French made beautiful organic sugarless jams. Would Costa Rican abundance and richness of sun ripened fruits not provide a better choice? If only the affluent world had a genuine interest in supporting local industries instead of keeping poor being poor.

Isabelle was happy to get herself pearl earrings made by a local Costa Rican artist. She also got a beautiful apron with painted butterflies for me so I can continue on the path of raw food preparations with Costa Rican inspirations from Fateh and Franco.

Fateh’s world fusion organic raw food cuisine inspired by her  Peruvian heritage, travels to the East and teachings of the raw food chef Eric Rivkin and much more presents an amazing blend of tropical colours and tastes. The food supply comes from their organic garden, local biodynamic farm, local market and from outsourcing the North American suppliers if needed. Her raw food menu aims at detoxifying, healing and rejuvenation.

All meals prepared with love and the heavenly symphony of cascading waterfalls and singing cicadas in tropical trees and bushes of the pristine environment of their Baru Rainforest’s ECO dream retreat. A true paradise on earth. Just imagine early morning kundalini yoga practice done on the flat rocks beside the waterfall being immersed in this nature music. Or an hour of therapeutic or relaxing massage done on a purpose built wooden platform down the cascading river with the blue sky and the canopy of lush tropical forest above you. Thank you Ananda for superior state of the art massages.

You can spend a day here walking the trails on their 14 acres property with 5 waterfalls, watching colourful tropical Toucans shrieking loudly as they fly in staggered flocks of 3 to 15 individuals. Or you can drive to the Dominical and other pristine beaches within 10 minutes or less driving distance.  There are plenty of activities planned for you by the local ECO tourism companies, such as hiking, horse riding, canopy tour or a boat tour to a pristine island designated as a strict nature reserve.

After our early morning yoga session by the waterfall we have our detoxifying nutrient rich coconut drink right from the big coconut fruit. Then all the guests sit to a tropical breakfast consisting of sun ripened Costa Rican fruits such as papayas, mangoes, melons, pineapples and granadillas. That is for the raw foodists.  The regular breakfast consisting of fruits and tropical granola with fresh local coffee can also be served.

In the afternoon after our massage sessions we have our live and raw delicious lunch. The afternoon is a free time and all the guests gather for a candlelight dinner in the evening at 6.30pm. The sun sets at 5.30pm and rises at 5.30am.  Tropical day and night are of equal length. Darkness falls quickly and daybreak is just as sudden.

All three meals are truly unique and delicious each accompanied by drink of fresh fruit blended with water. A very tasty Costa Rican detox tea is being served at 4 pm.

After dinner and social conversations we retire to our villas for the tropical night sleep.

Three Villas have a look and feel of tropical luxury yet their soul resides in elegant simplicity to be one with nature and sophistication of their Balinese style, attention to details of décor, natural sustainable building materials, and the Feng Shui architecture design. All designed and created by Franco and Fateh with the help of Costa Rican builders.

Big Thank you to Fateh and Franco for creating this beautiful Eco wellness centre and being stewards of Costa Rican very fragile rainforest environment. Thank you Fateh for teaching kundalini yoga and cooking beautiful meals. Thank you for your inspiration on our path of healing and transformation journey.

Please feel free to see a collection of Costa Rican pictures done by my daughter Isabelle.

Click on her facebook link :

We will be back. Namaste, Ela and Isabelle, February 14, 2010 Canada

Yoga Vacation at Cascadas Farallas – Waterfall Villas

Yoga in the Waterfall

Discover your inner realms, meditate and release your tension with a fabulous Yoga and Detox Vacation.  As  your work starts taking its toll, your neck and shoulders get more stiff and pain starts to discomfort you during meetings and your time on the cell phone exceeds all other activates. You know are ready to go on a vacation, but do you really just want to sit in the sun? You need a complete rejuvenation so when you return you can keep at peak performance for as long as possible, so  are you should look into a transformative rejuvenation sort of getaway. The Yoga vacation might just be what you are needing to try next.

Guests Ella and Isabelle from Canada did just that and they left with a new found health and awareness of their own physical bodies as well as relieving the mind of worries and stress that is common in professional life.

Transformation Getaway  - when you first arrive to the Waterfall Villas you come in contact with one of the most spectacular creations of nature – the Cascadas Farallas waterfalls. A staircase formation natural waterfall that is private for the guests of the Waterfall Villas. Being near this waterfall will ease your mind, and relax you into a flow with nature’s pulse and rhythm of the exotic Baru rainforest of Costa Rica. Massage therapies next to the falls are a shamanic healing journey. The suites are exquisite in Bali style - balconies hang over waterfalls in the rainforest canopy. Cascadas Farallas Waterfall is a sacred sanctuary fed by natural springs – meditation decks viewing the falls, minutes from Dominical's exotic beaches.

Detox Yoga is a part of Kundalini Yoga that is focused on releasing toxins from the glandular system, the nervous system, and the parasympathetic system, the lymphatic, stimulating digestion and the immune system. Over 2000 sets or Kriyas  are part of the Kundalini spectrum of Yoga postures, breath work, mudra, and mantra combination.

Your Yoga experience is what you make of it at the Waterfall Villas. Optional Yoga is included every morning, and additional classes are available in the afternoons, with meditations. Just being in this tropical wonderland will be enough for you to start a deepening awareness of yourself and the nature around you. The environment is oxygen rich and the breath work – pranayama practice will astound you.

Deepen your personal practice, just sitting in a waterfall pool and let the energy pass through you  - let the water take all that you no longer need beyond you, and into the ocean of Dominical - only 5 minutes away where you can also join Fateh in Yoga at the beach.

Rising star Chef Fateh excels in vegan, raw, and vegetarian fusion with fresh organic locally grown produce, and exotic fruits.  In your Yoga vacation and detox programs all meals are included. Breakfast included. Lunch, picnics, and dinner by candlelight available. Shamanic Waterfall Weddings, vegan/raw wedding cake!  Honeymoon packages with candlelit dinners. Detox Yoga vacation packages.

Awaken the Goddess - an empowerment for the Aquarian Age

Spiritual Retreat in Costa Rica

Crystalline waters rushing to the sea, cascading over rocks into a magnificent waterfall,  a giant blue butterfly passing through a mystical rain forest. Mist rises in the early morning after the evening’s rains greeting the sun rise - a high Mayan priestess with Jaguar colored eyes smiles at us through ancient trees as we begin our spiritual journey in the heart of the Costa Rican rainforest. Do you hear the sounds of the white hawk cry in the distance, the call to return to the primeval land? It is time to spend a few days in rejuvenation - release your mind, nurture your body, and expand your aura with the colors of your soul.

Three wise woman, Maya, Fateh and Raven, are holding a woman’s Goddess Gathering to teach, share, and celebrate what is magical in this life, and to honor the feminine Goddess inside each of us for 5 days after the Summer Solstice to impart their wisdom with you.

Next to the waterfalls Fateh starts the mornings with a Sadhana of sacred Yoga in the Kundalini style, drink fresh nonis and green coconuts, exotic fruits - awaken a personal practice of being in touch with our bodies, and expand the aura.

Raven shares how to open the energies of a sacred space, and how to create a place for our soul to expand and connect to the spirit of nature.

In a higher dimension there is the awakened mind, and one would only have to ask to receive the answers. Maya unlocks the sacred precise of Goddess Astrology – Ceres, Juno, Lilith, …and she will tell us each individually, who the Goddess is in each one of us.

Chanting on the beach, gathering shells, swim in the ocean next to the rainforest, and bathe in a waterfall. Let your spirit soar to new heights! Be with the ones who have come from all corners of the earth together magically to Cascadas Farallas, the sacred place in the Baru rainforest.

The gathering will be at the Waterfall Villas, a Balinese eco-retreat next to the Cascadas Farallas waterfalls. A wildlife sanctuary and spiritual retreat in an exclusive aesthetic style of contemporary tropical luxury. Experince a trip of a lifetime.

See info on the Goddess Gatherings

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