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Yoga and meditation

Yoga is an integral part of the holistic wellness approach at the Waterfall Villas Wellness Center in Costa Rica's tropical South Pacific. 

When you meditate on top of our waterfalls you rejuvenate with energy rich ionic charged air from the falls! Waterfall Villas is buildt on top of the Cascadas Farallas Waterfalls and has a wonderful Yoga Shala next to the falls in the rain forest for up to 20 persons for group retreats / and our morning classes. Just minutes from the beach at Dominical. You can include sun bathing and surfing in your retreat as well as many different adventure and nature tours!

We offer both private Yoga retreats for individuals or couples at anytime, and we offer group retreats on specific dates a few times a year. We are also open to providing our space to teachers who would like to create their own retreats.

Join for our own group retreats here in Costa Rica at the Waterfall Villas and around the world scheduled for: 

August 10 - 16th for a Pachakarma Rejuvenation with Daily Yoga & Meditation - using Ayurveda w/ Shirodhara Treatments! Costa Rica - Waterfall Villas.

Introducing a NEW 4 night stay Retreat - Life is Breath from August 16 - 20th focus is on Pranayamas ! Costa Rica - Waterfall Villas.

August 20 - 27th, 2014 and Sept 14 - 20th:  For an inner discovery retreat with Raw Foods/ or juice fasting, Detox and Yoga ! Costa Rica - Waterfall Villas.

Nov 30 -Dec 6th: Join Fateh for the Beyond the Mind find your Soul Retreat Costa Rica - Waterfall Villas.

Our annual Spiritual Journey is from Oct 2cd - Oct 9th, 2014 in Bali - over the total lunar exclipse. Fateh Kaur will host a Spiritual and Healing Yoga Retreat with her Shamanic Healer in Bali. This retreat starts in the Volcano area of Sideman and journeys to Ubud the artist village - Yoga & Meditation, blessings, sacred sites, and healings are included in this all inclusive retreat.  

Join famous astrologer Maya White and Fateh for Rejuvenation Retreat over the Full Moon from Nov 2cd - 11th in Kerala, India.  Best time of year for release and realignment this ultimate rejuvenation uses authentic Ayurveda (please see events page for more information). Retreat includes Mystery School and daily Yoga. *Extra tour to the 1,000 year old Kumari Temple on the tip of India from the 9th - 11th.

Click to see our Events section !

Yoga Deck

Our Yoga Retreats here in Costa Rica, Bali, and India take you into the flow of your soul, spirit, and body with an a profound understanding of the mind consciousness. Though this understanding and connection with the heart - going beyond space, time, and even your own mind, you can reach your soul. This is all about the experience, and you will be feeling the transformation from the day you arrive. Namaste!

If you are staying at the Waterfall Villas - Yoga classes are offered every morning except Thursdays and Sundays, and can be included with any stay at additional charge of $15 per person (min 2 persons). Private classes are $45 per person at anytime / or $90 for a private couple's session also w/Venus kriyas from white Tantric Yoga.

*During retreats Yoga is offered everyday.

Cascadas Farallas Waterfall Villas

Kundalini Yoga combines breath work called Pranayama, physical yoga / called Asana postures, with Mantra - Chanting and Kirtan (devotional chanting), Mudra (hand postures), and Meditation.

Kundalini Yoga is a combination which gives you an experience of a specific result! After each class you actually feel different energy! These Yoga sessions are unique in that the sets of positions Kriya are designed to effect different parts of the body, mind, & soul - rather than addressing only general health as in Hatha Yoga /or Vinyasa. Kundalini Yoga as taught by Fateh follows the teachings of Yogi Bahjan and is taught at the Waterfall Villas.

The sessions will be chosen by the Yogi to fit the class level, and to focus on needed areas for the persons present. While Hatha yoga will focus on general health, and you always repeat the same class, on the other end of the spectrum, Kundalini Yoga has over 2,000 kriya (sets of postures), and you might go for years and not ever repeat the same Kundalini Yoga session. There are no Yoga classes from June 15 - July 1st, as in 2013 we will be holding a special Solstice retreat in Bali.

Waterfall Yoga Deck









Private Yoga Retreats 

Anytime! - all inclusive!


Private Retreats are on-going allowing you to arrive any time there is availability for your stay at the Waterfall Villas. You will get a personalized Yoga instruction in a private classes for 2 hours in the morning. As a single / couple you will have your own private Suite with private bathroom for your private retreat. 

The environment and instruction is personalized to be totally supportive to the level of practice you feel comfortable with achieving during your stay. By request your private retreat may be combined with spiritual studies (Vedic and/ or Buddhist), meditation practice, cleansing and detox, and /or a personalized Ayurvedic healing dosha balancing diet, vegetarian, vegan, raw food retreat, or you can try a Juice Fast or Yogi Bahjan's fruit fasting - build's a new stomach lining. 

The Green Season is a nice quite time for a Yoga Retreat and it is the most vibrant time in the rainforest - the waterfalls are spectacular! 

Personal Yoga Retreats for singles or a couple at the Waterfall Villas!

  • 7 nights in your own private Goddess Garden Suite / Dragonfly Suite / or for couples - Butterfly Suite * given availability
  • Kundalini Yoga in the mornings, followed with Meditation, and including spiritual discussions (2 hours approximately)
  • All Meals Vegetarian/ Vegan / or Raw Vegan meals
  • Rainforest Activity: Guided Hike to Nauyaca Waterfall (2 min) transfer included, /or Canopy Zipline /or  Baru Rainforest hike *(transfer to Baru reserve not included)
  • Taxes (13%), and daily cleaning included

Nov 15th - Dec 15th 2014 Total for a Single $1,850.00 / OR $2,595.00 for a couple taking Yoga instruction together.

Holiday Weeks : Dec 15 - Jan 6th 2014 & 2015 Total for a Single $2,199.00 / OR $3,399.00 for a couple taking Yoga instruction together.

2014 Private Yoga Retreats during the Costa Rican Summer (High Season): 

Jan 6th  - May 2015 Total for a Single $1,995.00 / OR $2,990.00 for a couple taking Yoga instruction together.

Private transfer from San Jose airport rd trip $380 additional for 1 or up to 2 persons. 

*YOGA Retreats not available in Costa Rica during Oct 2014 -  Nov 15th 2014. (Retreats during those dates will be in Bali, Indonesia; and Kerala, India).

Yoga Costa Rica







The Yoga Teacher:

Fateh Kaur Bolivar as studied and practiced various forms of Yoga for over 20 years, and is a certified KYI Kundalini Yoga Teacher who studied Master's Touch under Yogi Bahjan, the Majan Tantric, while he was still in his earth form, in Espaniola, New Mexico at his ashram.

Fateh has been traveling to Bali, Indonesia for over 25 years, and is now ordained by a Balinese High Priest to perform sacred blessing, and energy healing. Bali is the site of Fateh's pilgrimage, since she was one of the souls who had first brought the Hindu belief system to the island over 600 years ago from the entourage of King Akbar who created the first non-denominational religion in India of which she was a part of in that past life-time. Bali now enjoys a special combination of beliefs: Hindu, Buddhist, and animism (the belief that all forms whether animate and inanimate contain energy spirit). Fateh is connected with the Center for awareness in Bali, where the lineage of the first Buddist pilgrimage was centered also around 1000 years ago. Now the center is owned by a person in the lineage of the Nirarta (the name given to the first teacher of Buddism in Bali). Part of the retreats to Bali include a visit to the Nirarta Center in Sideman.

Fateh is a mystic with background in Sufisim, Hinduism, Buddhism, and Shamanic studies. Fateh has spent time with the Tai Situpa Rinpoche at Sharbling Monestary, she has gone through an initiation process with the Dali Lama, and has been blessed by the Karmapa (Sikim).

Having visited most sacred sites of the Earth...Fateh has climbed inside the great pyramid tomb at Giza, received a vision at the Isis temple in Aswan, and visited Abu Simbel for the festival of Ramses II at the first light of dawn to see the illumination, touched by the goddess at Dendra, Borabudur, Machu Pichu, Chichanitza, Konya, Turkey where she also studied Sufism, medtated at the vortexes in Sedona, temples of India - Fateh pur Sikri in India, and Bali's most sacred sanctums. ... Versed in past life regression, she is able to interpret dreams, and give intuitive channeled messages.  

Fateh will lead you in your spiritual and healing Journey in Costa Rica and Bali for your passage into a new and wondrous existence!  

See Fateh's article for Aquarian Times on page 39. Meditations may include Chinese Gong for complete and total relaxation.  Meditations are often held by the waterfall. 

Detox Yoga Prana and Apana balance, life force and elimination of toxins is an important part of the teaching in Kundalini Yoga. This ancient wisdom is integrated into a wellness program  on request, with a holistic approach to detoxing. Read more...about Detox Yoga!

Rejuvenate in the rainforest next to the waterfalls in Costa Rica!Detox Yoga is the ultimate in self energy healing!

 Our resident Yogi, Fateh Kaur is a certified KRI Yoga Instructor who has gained transmission directly from Yogi Bhajan at Master Touch training in New Mexico, White Tantric Yoga, and the Kundalini Solstices Celebrations. Fateh has been practicing Yoga for over 25 years. She teaches Kundalini Yoga in the style taught by Yogi Bhajan. Fateh has combined her knowledge of the detox process in a healing and nutritional program together with the specific kriya taught by Yogi Bhajan to cleanse the body, remove toxic cellular memory, and even the cleanse the aura of experiential toxins changing the auric and subtle bodies.

Ayurveda & Yoga Retreat:Dec 8 - 13th

Renew yourself completely with this Pachakarma rejuvenation. Experience the fabulous ancient treatments of India right here at the Waterfall Villas! You will receive 3 treatments for Shirodhara and 4 hand massage, fully relax and enjoy an Ayurvedic diet for balancing during this 5 night retreat. You will have luxury private accommodations during your stay. You can also add a wonderful juice cleanse for up to 3 days - on request before arrival.

At the Waterfall Villas in Costa Rica we are surrounded by nature’s wellness center – the rainforest; it is here that the most pure oxygen is produced on the planet. We invite travelers to a healing journey, free of electronic stimulus, and the bustling world, a place to reconnect with nature and your self.

Program includes: 

  • Daily Yoga 2 hours - in the mornings 
  • Private counsel with Fateh Kaur on YOUR Life Style, and where you want to be in health (1 hour per guest) 
  • 3 Ayurvedic treatments (1 hr per guest 3x)
  • Private luxury accommodations - 5 nights (private bathroom)
  • All Ayurvedic Meals - Vegetarian or Vegan /Daily fresh coconuts/ Cooked vegan or vegetarian in the tradition of Ayurveda to balance your dosha
  • Group Waterfall Blessing
  • Taxes 13%

Single - 5 nights $1,795.00 Total

Sharing with a partner/ friend? Total for 2 persons sharing the same suite (King bed /or Jacuzzi Suites on first come first serve) 5 nights for $2,995 Total

20% deposit by wire transfer required to secure registration  

Eggplant Canolinis in Marinera Sauce

Energize Your Life! -RAW Foods Detox with Yoga

6 night Retreat August 20 - 26th, 2014 /

and Sept 14 - 20th

Cleanse and renew your spirit by freeing the body of all that needs to be released. Organic Raw Vegan Fare of the best quality that Costa Rica has to offer is the main healing ingredient in this Life transitional program - 6 Nights in an all inclusive program with Fateh Kaur Bolivar includes gentle Kundalini Yoga and sacred circulation meditation from her Balinese Shaman. Leading up to the New Moon of June - to be ready for a fabulous new you for the summer!

Detoxing with Raw Food - brings balancing, alkalizing, and rejuvenation - let the waterfalls full of ionic energy fill you with healing, and feel complete relaxation. This all inclusive retreat is right next to the waterfalls the sacred and magical - Cascadas Farallas Waterfalls. Where 2 waterfalls meet there is a magical vortex called the "champujan" there you will receive a Balinese water blessing to renew your life with energy from the goddess of the waters - Life Source! Take a Healing Journey emotionally and spiritually. Detox Yoga for your body, mind, and soul with Fateh as your guide.

Fateh Kaur Bolivar - Yoga teacher

Nauyaca Waterfall Hike

Detoxification is the first step in clearing the body and mind to regain your health. Meditation next to the powerful waterfalls allows the mind to be cleansed so that with peace instilled int he mind, one’s body can enter into a healing journey. When we are in rhythm with the life force we can heal ourselves. Balance is achieved by practicing Detox Yoga, with a primarily Raw/Vegan diet with a preference for raw fresh organic foods. Here in the tropical south of Costa Rica there is a phenomenal amount of fresh tropical fruits and luscious vegetables that can be had almost all year around. In my kitchen, I work with the new flavors from this bounty that is Costa Rica, and together with my staff we prepare healing meals for our guests. I will introduce you to the Medicinal Gourmet, using fresh herbs and pure essential oils to assist the body's own healing powers.

The food tasFish pose at the Waterfall Deckstes more alive, because it is, and so full of the energy of this pure environment. That is how you energize your life, through nourishment and mind-body-soul balance.

A especially designed Detox Spa treatment is included with your retreat using hot lava stones which I collected myself from West Bali beaches - these stones pull out toxins from the body, then you will receive a mixture of deep tissue and a lymphatic point stimulation, the treatment is completed with a luscious facial to clean the skin and give you a glowing complexion.

You will have luxury private accommodations during your stay. All RAW Vegan meals included for maximum detox acceleration, or a more gentle cooked vegan approach for the evening meal is an option by request. BY taking out gluten and any thing that would not allow clearing you will release and achieve balance. You can also add a wonderful juice cleanse for 3 days min or longer - on request before arrival.

At the Waterfall Villas in Costa Rica we are surrounded by nature’s wellness center – the rainforest; it is here that the most pure oxygen is produced on the planet. We invite travelers to a healing journey, free of electronic stimulus, and the bustling world, a place to reconnect with nature and your self.

Program includes: 

  • Daily Detox Yoga  2 hours - in the mornings: Stretching and warm up then a Detox Kundalini Yoga Kriya; Spiritual discussions, and special meditations. 
  • Private counsel with Fateh Kaur on YOUR Life Style, and where you want to be in health (1 hour per guest) 
  • Detox Spa treatment (1 hr per guest)
  • Private luxury accommodations - 6 nights (private bathroom)
  • All Detox Meals with Raw Vegan foods - all meals / may have cooked vegan  meals in the evenings for those who want to detox gently /Daily fresh coconuts/ Juice fasting for 3 days up to 5 days offered on request*
  • Group Activity - TBD
  • Raw Food preparation class included - See how easy it is to incorporate more raw foods into your life for health and life! 
  • Taxes 13%

Single - 6 nights $1,795 Total

Sharing with a partner/ friend? Total for 2 persons sharing the same suite (King bed /or Jacuzzi Suites on first come first serve) 6 nights for $2,995 Total

20% deposit by wire transfer required to secure registration 

*Juice fasting must be requested in advance at reservation 

Beyond the Mind - Find your Soul Connection

A Yoga and Nature experience in Costa Rica for 6 nights

(Nov 30th - Dec 6th)

Take your Yoga practice to a deeper level next to amazing energy at the Cascadas Farallas Waterfalls. All inclusive retreat is for all levels of experience. Meditations to channel the energy for reaching a Soul Connection. Here is an opportunity to delve into Spirit, and feel the Soul - one of the most spiritual aspects of a Yoga practice. Through making the connection to our soul we can achieve insights and visions resulting in transformation. 

We will be taking a tour to see the dolphins duing this retreat !

All inclusive retreat includes all Vegetarian / Vegan meals or Raw Vegan meals given at the Waterfall Villas Wellness Center in Costa Rica.

The Waterfall Villas is a luxury boutique retreat in the tropical Balinese style with the balconies right next to the top of the Cascadas Farallas Waterfalls. Several Yoga decks next to the waterfalls make for a very sacred place to practice in the rainforest next to the most beautiful and exotic nature in the world. 

Program includes: 

  • Daily Yoga 2 hours - in the mornings: Stretching and warm up then Kundalini Yoga Kriya; Spiritual discussions about understanding the mind from the great masters, and special meditations. 
  • Private luxury accommodations - 6 nights (private bathroom)
  • All Meals Vegetarian / Vegan / Raw Vegan
  • Dolphin and Whale Watching Tour *in April ONLY *transfer to tour is not included
  • Private session with Fateh - 1 hour per person
  • Relax Massage - 1 hour per person
  • Taxes 13%

20% deposit by wire transfer required to secure registration at least 7 days before arrival. Single $1,695 during April or July 2014; Couple / or friends sharing room $2,495.00 Total with taxes either retreat dates.

An opportunity to have a soul retrieval with Shamaness Sabina (optional $125). Or a Temezcal sweat lodge experience ($65 per person; min 4 persons).

Check out our upcoming Retreat in Bali Oct 2cd - 9th 2014 and our Goddess Retreats!

 Spiritual Blessing

Cascadas Farallas Waterfall Villas is a very spiritual place, you will feel the energy as soon as you arrive. We would like for our guests to get the most benefits from the waterfall environment and the rainforest by offering an initiating natural energy ceremony to celebrate life and the light forces of our divine origin to enhance your a Spiritual Journey.

Our blessing includes a special Costa Rican Shamanic smudge stick burning ritual at the waterfall, and a blessing of sacred waters offered by Fateh Kaur.

Fateh's sacred ceremony takes place for the Solstices, and the monthly Black Moon for $95 per person which will be used as a donation to reforestation in Costa Rica. Private blessings at the Cascadas Farallas Waterfalls all year around or also during July - November at the Jaguar falls grotto are $60 per person - take the infinite energy that you feel here back home with you! Bring your favorite crystal to the blessing.

Waterfall Alter

Creating a personal Waterfall Alter, and learning how to move the energy of the environment into objects, so that this energy can also serve you back home is a part of a special personalized class we offer led by our local Wise Woman Raven. This is a transforming experience with a release ceremony.

$300 for 2 persons

Meditation classes

In the Balinese tradition, we offer you the perfect meditation environment. A yellow bamboo grove offers peaceful views that inspire heightened intuition and a perfect place to meditate by the waterfalls.

This space will integrate you with nature’s abundant miracles. By sitting here your aura will renew itself and be made whole.

Private Meditation Class is $45 for 1 hour / $90 for a couple

Bali carvings

 Yoga Groups & Workshops

We invite Yoga Groups to create their own Yoga Retreat - using all of our facilities. Special group rates are possible. Call or email for details!

We have a very special pavilion space which looks out to the top of the waterfalls and is unique in its open air Balinese design for Asana and Meditation practice. Perfect for a Yoga Retreat!

Delicious organic vegetarian meals can be part of your Yoga Retreat! Fateh offers you a selection of World Fusion Vegan/vegetarian delights! Raw menu also offered.

Yoga next to the Waterfalls

Soul Retrieval

Love life and yourself - even if you thought all was lost, even if your soul left piece by piece throughout your life. Now you can get it back – piece by piece. Shamanic wise woman on personal request will individually provide a soul retrieval for those who’s intention is clear. The soul piece may return if you are ready for re-integration through the spirit guides of the Shamaness. $150 per person per session.

Whale and Dolphin Encounter

September is the time of the mating and birthing during the migration of over 250 humpback whales that each year visit the waters near Dominical Costa Rica. Our group will enter the sacred ocean space of the whales at the Marine National Park in Uvita – Osa; 30 minutes from the Waterfall Villas. We may have a chance to swim with the Dolphins and snorkel (ocean and weather cooperative). Whales should be abundant. A professional Capitan and guide will take you in a comfortable boat for this experience.

Dolphin Encounters Costa Rica

 Whale Migration

Feng Shui Reading: Fateh Kaur is a master Feng ShFateh - Kundalini Yoga Retreats Costa Ricaui practitioner offering a Feng Shui reading to our guests for $50 per person for a 30 minute reading after providing Fateh with birth data for preparation of the reading to each participant. The reading will include your Chinese horoscope for the year and the I-Ching trigram with feng shui information for your living situation based on your personal trigram.

Home Feng Shui analysis are $100 per 1,000 sq ft. To do this type of reading lots of information and pictures of every room and outside your home in all directions must be provided with a detailed floor plan and compass directional details. Construction year of your home is also required.

Oracle Astrology Card Reading: Fateh can also perform individual Astrology Oracle Card readings as per the teachings of Maya White using channeling. $35 for a reading of 30 minutes  Also, Tarrot Card Reading are $35.

Specialized Yoga retreats in Bali are listed under our Retreats and Events Menu section. Every year we offer a number of retreats at the Waterfall Villas - also with visiting teachers.

Every year Fateh also invites her students to make the pilgrimage to Bali - "Island of the Gods" and EAT, PRAY LOVE, to be with her for treatments with an amazing healing Shaman, and visit sacred sites. In 2014, is offered the Yoga Healing Journey for couples /and singles. Oct 2cd - 9th, 2014.

Additionally, we will be offering our incredible Goddess Yoga Retreat in Turkey for Oct 2015 ...a retreat for women ONLY!

Goddess Yoga Retreat 2010

Yoga in the Waterfalls

Fateh Kaur, is a Kundalini Yogini. Fateh will be involved in all aspects of your Yoga retreat and practice in Costa Rica/ in Bali. Fateh brings to you her knowledge in Kundalini Yoga as well as her profound knowledge of nutrition, and inner medicine - Naturopathic / Ayurvedic practitioner. She is an intuitive spiritual guide, past life psychic, and a world traveler who has visited most of the sacred places on earth. Her insights in Egypt, Peru, India, and Bali have had a profound effect on her spiritual life. In India Fateh has spent time a the Sherab Ling monastery and has received profound teachings from the Thai Situpa Rinpoche, the Karmapa and had the Kalachakra Initiation with the Dali Lama. Fateh is also a Chinese brush Ling Nan style artist / Calligrapher and a certified master of Feng Shui / energy balancing. Fateh is also a rising star Raw Food and Vegan Chef.  She is the founder of the Waterfall Villas in Costa Rica.

Sunset Baru Dominical





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