This year many people have asked us about sharing our signature Vegan Lasagna and I have finally put the recipe together, Here it is: 

 Waterfall Villas - Vegan Lasagna

The lasagna prepared at the Waterfall Villas in Costa Rica is a vegan non-gluten meal that will amaze you – in that it is so delicious that almost all of our guests have asked for the recipe.  One of the key ingredients of this lasagna is the fresh heart of palm which is harvested in our area of Costa Rica. Organic and fresh with no additives, this remarkable vegetable gives a Costa Rican tropical flavor to this lasagna. This is an original recipe from the Waterfall Villas in Costa Rica; created by chef Fateh Bolivar, so if you copy it, please pass on where it came from. The Waterfall Villas is a heaven for Vegans in the tropical rain forest of Costa Rica- We hope you visit us soon!

Prepare the Vegetables:

·         ½ Zucchini – slice long ways and mix with olive oil and a mixture of Mediterranean fresh herbs chopped fine. Place on a cookie sheet and roast until lightly browning on the edges, and set aside.

·         1 pound of heart of palm – place the palm cylinders into boiling water for 3 minutes then cool, cut in thin 1/8th inch diagonals long ways across the cylinders, and set aside.

·         1 carrot cut into diagonals and place for 3 minutes in the same water, strain and set aside.

·         1/2 onion and 1 clove garlic both finely chopped, and sauté in a pan with Canola oil until soft, then add 1 tbls of a mixture of fresh herbs chopped fine, when aromatic - then add the mushrooms…

·         4 Portobello mushrooms cut in long slices and sautéed with the onions and herbs, and set aside.

Tomato Sauce:

·         1/2 onion chopped fine

·         1 garlic clove chopped fine

·         ½ bell pepper chopped fine

·         1 celery stick chopped fine

·         1 tablespoon of mixed herbs and a teaspoon of cumin

Sauté in a pan until soft and a bit of golden.

Then add 2 tomatoes chopped chunky, stir in and cook mixture for 10 minutes until tomatoes are softened.

Take out the mixture and gently place into a fine strainer with a bowl underneath –let sit 15 minutes or longer to separate out the water so that the sauce becomes thicker and dryer.

Set aside.

Cheeze for the Lasagna:

·         ½ block of soft tofu

·         1 garlic clove

·         ¼ cup of almonds pealed

·         ¼ cup of macadamias

·         2 tablespoons of Tahini

·         1 teaspoon of Miso

·         1 tablespoon of mixed herbs

·         Juice from ½ lime

·         2 tablespoons olive oil

Mix all ingredients in a VitaMix blender until smooth and thick

If too dry and not the consistency of cheese, then use a little bit of coconut water to thin and mix again.

Build the lasagna:

Boil in water 4 sheets of rice flour lasagna pasta, after 10 minutes when soft, rinse and coat with a little olive oil.

In a deep rectangular Pyrex glass container with a drizzle olive oil on the bottom and sides, then place the following:

Level 1 (On bottom) - Pasta, cheese, zucchini, cheese, tomato sauce *(cheese is not put on too thick – as there are many layers of cheeze.  Spread the cheeze gently with a spatula).

Level 2 - Pasta, cheese, carrots, cheese, heart of palm, and cheese *Spread the cheeze gently with a spatula.

Level 3 (On top) - Pasta, tomato sauce, mushroom mixture

Place in oven for 1 hour with 170 degree Celsius

Top with your favorite Raw Parmesan / Vegan cheeze and serve. *Note: we make our own cheeze topping with macadamias.

Loose weight and feel great at the Waterfall Villas in Costa Rica with a personalized Detox program - Special Offers for July - Aug 15th / Sept 15th - Dec 15th! 

Everyone is concerned about health, and most people want to loose some weight.  Rising heart disease effects even youth so everyone who is overweight should be concerned.  It is now all too clear that people need to withdraw from fast foods just like any other addiction. Recent news reports that a large percentage of today’s children actually have a lower life expectancy than the generation of their parents! You may be asking, How can this be occurring in a time of such technological advancement?  – Modern life’s latest enigma.

We used to think if you are not in pain nothing is wrong. Yet now, we know that is not true. So how do you know when you are not so healthy? Even if it seems nothing is wrong with your blood tests… There are many signs to notice: Is your tissue is saturated with excess water, over-weight, bad circulation, or you just look or feel stuffed or clogged, low energy levels, a little exertion puts you out of breath, and emotional imbalances - you are easy to lose your temper or your nerves.

So what can we do about it? I had a very over-weight lady recently tell me her doctor told her she was in perfect health, ah, so she did not need to DO anything. Anyone who tells this woman she is in health has got to be trying to get money out of her in future illnesses. Anyone that overweight and bloated has got to have a multitude of health issues going on; but her doctor could find none to report to her. Doesn’t that seem odd? And worse yet, she believed that stuffing herself with processed foods was doing was the best way to live, well until she had to have her gallbladder removed, and be on medications for the rest of her life.

If you complain that you are holding water, doctors love to prescribe the diuretic. If any if you have taken that pill, you will know that it makes you feel like you have no nerves at all after a while, and the race to the bathroom is anything but comfortable or normal.  Pills don’t go to the source of the problem which in many cases is your food.

What you really need to do when you have these issues is to DETOX; to get all the excess out of the body.  This bodily excess has been known about for 1000s of years in the Vedas, the books of life wisdom written in ancient India. Many other native cultures have had similar belief systems about health. In today’s society the pharmaceutical companies have created a different belief system that while may work in certain areas of extreme illness, does not work at all for disease prevention - before one reaches the extreme situation.

To detox what you need is to take yourself out of the routine, to a place where there is clean air and water, organic and clean pure foods, and no stress – meaning  no TV, no cell phone, no computer, no relationship – just you and your self is best. In this place you can recuperate and then redefine your health pattern.

Some people wait until after they have cancer to do a detox program. It will also work for them, but don’t you think it is better to try a detox program annually, before any extreme disease gets its hold on you?

No time? I understand, because when I was a CEO of a software company I used to think I had no time to do anything for myself. Like many of us, it was only when I got ill, and I luckily was able to cure myself that I finally understood that if you don’t care about you, well then, who will? I don’t think some company of faceless stockholders will.

So what is it really like to do a detox? At the Waterfall Villas, a Wellness Center I have created in the rainforest in Costa Rica, you will get plenty of clean air and water, have a comfortable aesthetically pleasing clean private suite and with private bathroom. Here you enter into what I call the “Healing Journey”.  The first thing to understand that since every individual is unique, when you come to detox you will work with me to tune the program and adjusting the details as we go along to achieve the best results. I am going to teach you about nutrition (eating for life), gentle Yoga, meditation, and how to prepare some dishes yourself – so you can continue with the changes after you return. You will notice allot of excess water leaving your system, especially if you ate allot of processed foods or animal fats before your arrival. Then you will start getting the energy back and the bloatation will start to disappear, as you get your circulation going after numerous massage therapies that are included in the program, using also Ayurveda approach (Life Wisdom) the amazing Shirodhara therapy.  Then your body will start to heal itself, and you will naturally lose weight or balance your weight with a healthy appetite.

You will stop being so stressed, and you will actually start to observe all the wondrous nature around you with a renewed energy center – you will feel like a part of the splendor again. In Costa Rica, we are very blessed with such an astounding natural environment that the detox program is such a pleasure for people that they don’t want to leave.

At the Waterfall Villas we are offering special detox packages from 4 night Diva’s Detox to our 21 nights Ultimate Revival. All detox packages are on special offer from July – Dec 15th

Yoga and raw foods detox offered from July 1 – 7 and July 7 – 14th / August 1 – 8th 2012 see more details on the link:

We are also offering a trip to Bali Indonesia to work with a healing Shaman during a country wide festival Gulangan over the days of the Blue Moon Aug. 26th – Sept 1st 2012. Details on the links above.

Ultimate Revival Retreat (21 nights July / September 15 - Dec 15th 2011)Recharge and live to your potential! Find the beauty in life inside yourself! If you want to truly love yourself, so that all the universe works in union with your harmony - this is the getaway that will make a difference in your life! Experience total transformation as a mindset and create a new start for yourself.Ultimate Revival is a wellness program that will reconnect you to the Earth, and the Universe with a guided personalized caretaker, Fateh Kaur will lead you into an inner Healing Journey:·         Jade Spa Jacuzzi Suite - luxury accommodations with your own private Spa Jacuzzi ·         8 Spa treatments:
  • 3 Therapeutic Massages (1 hour each)
  • 1 Mayan Jaguar treatment (1 hour)
  • 1 Deluxe Lava Rock detox therapy)
  • 3X the most profound Pachakarma Ayurvedic Treatment - Shirodhara with Abhanga the 4 hand massage - an ancient healing treatment from India (1.5 hours each treatment)
·         Ayurveda Dosha Analysis and Ayurveda nutritional counseling·         Feng Shui Reading·         ALL meals customized to your detox transition plan!·         2 activities
  • Horseback to the Giant Nauyaca Waterfalls /or take a Guided Hike (2 persons min) or /Bird watching hike at Baru Reserve / OR Nature Hike in the Baru Reserve - learn about the nature in Costa Rica
  • Dolphin Safari / Or Tour to Manuel Antonio Park with beach time
·         Daily Yoga classes in the mornings (except Thursday/Sunday) ·         10 Private Detox Yoga & Meditation classes every other afternoon (except Thursday/Sunday)·         3 Personalized Coaching sessions focus on emotional wellness, and diet/ personal nutrition (1 hr sessions - 1 per week)·         2 Meal preparation classes with recipe booklet and Q & A session (3 hrs)·         All taxes and service chargesThis program is customized based on your goals, current life style transition, and nutritional needs. You can become vegetarian or Vegan or go Raw at various percentages, with a healthy and easy guided transition. This is a gentle program that will be very intimate.You will be discovering a lot of different Vegan and Raw Food meals over the time you are here learn simple or more advanced meal preparations. Also, how to change your favorite non-vegan recipes ... into delicious vegan or raw food meals, and get the most out of your nutrition.You will have a personal coach during this period to advance your mind set towards adopting the vegetarian / vegan approach to food and nutrition, and help you clear any blocks to your success from a mental and emotional perspective.This program includes medicinal teas, and very special Ayurveda formulas!ALL ingredients are ORGANIC and Fresh from Costa Rica!In every detox experience there will emotional, opening of cellular memories and physical changes coming up for you and that is why a guided approach brings the most benefits. Towards your ultimate transformation the Shirodhara treatments will open your third eye and lead you to a profound inner work.Your skin will feel like Java silk, and you will feel younger and renewed! June - August 15th /or Oct - Dec 15th 2012 Single $4,995.00 Total for 21 nights Single - includes all taxes.*If you have a friend who would like to join you in the Ultimate Retreat Program, email us for a special rate for 2 persons in same Suite /or let us know if you would like a 2 bedroom Villa. 

For more information on a Healing Journey see

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 Wedding Success Story 

February 12th, 2012 was a very special date here at the Waterfall Villas for a wonderful Waterfall destination wedding extravaganza! The wedding package offers a total exclusive private stay for you and your family and friends at the Waterfall Villas in Costa Rica. This was a true success story that I am going to portray for you here so that you can follow along with the pictures.

Wedding Planning is one of those long-haul activities that takes an enormous amount of fMaking the Bride Beautifulocus and care. This wedding was a year long in the making, and my goal as planner, was to make the bride - always the one who is the most difficult to please, really happy! The bride was nervous from the get-go I mean 12 months in advance already and it took allot of car and personal calls to calm her and assure her I would not let her down. Little did she know I was going to Wow her for the best day of her life! It is all in the details, and all the little extras that you can put together.

The Bide wanted to look beautiful - well she is already beautiful, but you want to look especially beautiful for your wedding day. I interviewed many stylists, trying them myself, and found the one who was most capable of doing the hair style in the video that the bride had sent me. I made sure this lovely lady was going to be totally pleased with her LOOK. OMG her comes the gorgeous bride! She was incredible looking!The Hair-DO

Hand made Costa Rican crafts







The Bride wanted handmade local crafts for the guests and this put me ona hunt for the most lovely hade made gifts imaaginable in Costa Rica. I found the artist in Sarchi way up in the hills of coffee. He is one of those legendary Costa Ricans, the ones who love what they do and still life in the countryside. Laughing at Spanish jokes - that only my Costa Rican husband understood, this artist of local craft lore was the man for the job. He made each peice with love, nothing with machine! These will be cherished for life.

The dressEvery effort to calm the Bride - including Yoga :) Yoga in the morings put everyone at ease and so they could just realx and enjoy the amazig nature all around.

The dress was gorgeaus and matched with the orchids in her boquete and hair peice. Mom Looks on with a discerning eye.

Yoga Class







The Bride's boquete took an extra efforts to design, and I worked hours with the florist to find the right combination of her requested colors and picture of ones that she kind of liked, but of course none of those examples were perfect. I think I did get a perfect one on this! Everyone loved it, it fit the bride - just for her and never to be repeated on earth!

The bride bouquete - cascading white orchids

Wow, she really is her Father's pride and JOY!

The bride with Father










The Venue is all ready and prepared after so much behimd the scenes work!

Tropical Flower Wedding arrangements

The Venue by the falls









Gorgeaous Altar and Bamboo Archway, covered with tropical flowers. And the couple, they are simply stunning! A cascade of pink heliconias adorns the backdrop of the bamboo archway and the altar holds special crystals and sacred stones. Raven presides for the ceremony.

 At the Altar - Shamanic Wedding CeremonyThe Wedding Altar










After the ceremony there was an open Bar serving tropical drinks and especially prepared snacks while the newly weds took waterfall shots with the professional photographer.

The the guests walked up to the reception area where the guitarists group were already playing local and i9nternational favorites.


Tropical Buddha Bar!







The table settings were perfect in the Bride's chosen colors of blue and white, and tropical flowers adorned the napkin swans. Blue water glasses and wonderfull crystal champagne glasses, white table ware set the classic look that the bride requested.

All of the guests made a toast and the bride and groom were very pleased with the whole way that every part of the itinerary went smooth and all they had to do is enjoy and experince thier incredible wedding day at the Waterfall Villas!

Wedding Napkin setting with flowers

                                                 Reception Place setting











Wedding Table

Wedding Reception







Serving staff at the buffet service...

Wedding Meal Service

Here comes the wedding guests!







The Wedding Cake - Vegan and Gluten free!

Salsa Band







The couple cuts the cake, and then eferyone is off to the dancing with a well known Costa Rican Salsa Band!

Wedding Couple DancingCouple Dancing







The magic of a wedding in the rainforest of Costa Rica - A dream come true!


Now to start a new life together!

This was a true wedding success story and I am so honored to have been a part of it as the wedding planner!

Waterfall Villas working to save Pristine Watersheds in Costa Rica

Nov 5th entry

After the recent rains, an overturned rock at the edge of the Cascadas Farallas Waterfalls shows various fossils of an Emu-type prehistoric animal that once roamed the Southern Pacific of Costa Rica. Now part of the Baru rainforest, this waterfall and the fossils are protected by the Waterfall Villas Private Wildlife Reserve. Fortunately, here the source of the waterfall  is very close - underground and inside of rock bed, and there are no polluting sources upstream - only the otters, tiger heron, and the occasional jaguar wade upstream of the waterfalls usually in the summer months.

The water in the Cascadas Farallas Waterfalls is crystal clear and clean enough to drink, but the Waterfall Villas has recently invested in an ultra-violet filter as a second step to the exsisting carbon filter system to make sure that this water can be used throughout our eco-hotel without any chlorine! This ultra-violet system is now inplace and not using any chemicals that enter into our water is a great benefit to save the waterfalls and all of the wildlife around the Waterfall Villas!

The Cascadas Farallas Waterfall makes its way to the Baru River at the bottom of the mountain gorge also visible from our property, and then it winds like a snake to the ocean, and Dominical Beach. When you wash your hair at the Waterfall Villas you will feel the difference this makes! Not only will you be using chlorine free spring water, but also all of our artesian soap and shampoo is made locally, with no chemicals – only pure local made coconut oils and essential oils. Our Lang y Lang comes from Sabina at Finca Ipe,  who lovingly collects thousands of flowers each year from her farm and provides us with this amazing oil that we also use at our Spa.

In Costa Rica, many efforts are being made to save pristine watershed areas such as Cascadas Farallas - part of the Biological Corridor of the Tapir that stretches from the Osa Peninsula to the mountains.

Some of the 4,000 local inhabitants of the Sevegre River live at the source, where there has been an unprecedented rise in trout farming. Fish farming at the source is lively hood for many people, but trout farming, as cattle farming result in runoff of chemicals. At the source of the Sevegre, this type of farming has required the transplantation of the nests some of the world’s most rare birds – the Quetzals that are prevalent in the area, to make room for artificial pools for raising trout. Fish farming also pollutes at the source of the river. Education about filtration systems, and other alternatives is a huge and slow process.

On the way to the Waterfall Villas in Costa Rica’s South Pacific region, you can visit the source of the Sevegre River in San Gerardo de Dota in the highlands of the Sierra del Muerte mountains. We would like to remind eco-minded travelers - to please try to find places to stay that do not raise trout, or at least, have put in the new methods to filter the water. It is important to support real eco-hotels (beyond what certifications they have) that are truly on board with saving both the fabulous Quetzals birds, and not polluting the water systems.

 Waterfall Villas offers White Water Rafting in the Sevegre River, a non-obtrusive activity  as part of our Adventure Tour portfolio.

 Many of our Guests are introduced to Vegan Foods at the Waterfall Villas and are pleasently surprized. This guest had a Vegan Wedding - and although not Vegan normally they loved every minute of the experince - see her blog posting about her wedding at the Waterfall Villas. Caroline and Tom's Vegan Wedding.

Waterfall Villas– Costa Rica

Sighting a Tapir is a barometer for success in conservation efforts; like jaguar and parrots, these are rare migratory animals. In the rainforest of Costa Rica, the tapir is one of the animals that symbolize the vibrancy of the rainforest, because only when the forest is in its primordial essence, pristine and flourishing do these animals suddenly reappear.

The Path of the Tapir extends from the Osa peninsula in the south pacific of Costa Rica all the way to Manuel Antonio National Park passing through the Baru rainforest, and into the mountains of Tinamaste where the ridge is so vertically steep that virgin forest is still intact.

Here the largest waterfalls of Costa Rica are shrouded by a thick emerald green gallery. Amongst this rainforest in the heart of the Baru rainforest, Cascadas Farallas Waterfalls are protected in a private reserve set up by the Waterfall Villas to preserve the waterfalls and their unique habitat for wildlife. The Waterfall Villas reserve is right on the Path of the Tapir, an official certified biological corridor. The Waterfall Villas is an eco-retreat commited to rainforest preservation. www.waterfallvillas.comCascadas Farallas - Waterfall

Cascadas Farallas Waterfalls

“The path of the Tapir Biological Corridor represents one of the last remaining wild areas in Costa Rica, and as such enjoys an incredible diversity of flora, fauna, habitats, and ecological processes.”

Richard Margoluis, president ASANA

Along the Path of the Tapir, there are a scattering of private reserves, 5 National Parks, and various critical biological areas under threat: the Corcovado National Park, Terraba-Sierpe National Wetlands, Talamanca Mountain Range (where the only indigenous Costa Rican tribes still live), Los Quetzales National Park,  the Marine Ballena National Park, and the Manuel Antonio National Park.

Nauyaca Giant Waterfall

Conservationists have found that although these magnificent parks in Costa Rica are saving animal populations, the migratory animals need to venture outside of the protected areas to mate, feed, and breed. Healthy populations of animals in the parks require that the gene pool is wider than a small protected area.

The importance of maintaining the health of a biological corridor stems from the phenomena of the dead zoo – this happens when protected areas are located on a peninsula /or isolated areas surrounded by development and the gene pool is so small that animals eventually decline because of poor health. When the gene pool cannot be enhanced by natural migrations and is limited, then it has been required for new animals to be brought in manually to keep the animal populations healthy (as in Manuel Antonio). This new realization about sustaining natural selection in animal populations has conservation groups focused on protecting the biological corridors - natural migration paths that are connections between protected areas.

This conservation effort in Costa Rica has been lead by a group called ASANA (An acronym for Friends of Nature in Spanish). Unfortunately, the group was quite fragmented for some years, although they managed to start the protection process. Recently, a professional world class conservationist started to lead the group as president, Richard Margoluis. This is quite fortunate as the conservation efforts are very challenging, and he has major projects underway.

The Waterfall Villas and the Cascadas Farallas Waterfall Reserve, owned by Fateh and Franco Bolivar, is dedicated to preservation of this Biological Corridor – the Path of the Tapir. The Waterfall Villas is now the conservation group’s first corporate sponsor member.

In the last 10 years, an amazing comeback has been observed and many birds (over 400 species) including Macaws, and many other rare mammals (146 species) can be found well beyond the confines of the parks – throughout  the corridor. But unfortunately, that seems to be a short lived success story as the greed and demand of more powerful entities is looming close.

 Waterfall Villas Wildlife Reserve - Path of the Tapir Biological Corridor

Perfect place to enjoy the wildlife in Costa Rica, the Waterfall Villas wildlife reserve is open to all of the guests of the Waterfall Villas.

 If you like adventure and nature the Waterfall Villas is the place for your Honeymoon in Costa Rica!

Jade Spa Villa

The Jade Spa Villa is absolutely of the most marvelous places to share time with someone special on earth. The Comfortable Queen bed looks out to the rainforest and with a wrap around balcony you can get to the Jacuzzi in your private gardine from varoius ways. 



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