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Rejoice with gourmet cuisine!

Vegan, Vegetarian, and Raw Food World Fusion prepared as ultimate gourmet meals, and also Detox meals, gluten free meals and soy free meals are offered at the Waterfall Villas for our guests in a private, spectacular setting next to the waterfalls in an open air pavilion with 2 separarte dining levels.

Our chefs are passionate about preparing your delicious experience in healthy fine dining. All of our meals are prepared with love and healing energy, totally fresh, organic, and only natural sweeteners used - absolutely no additives. 

 Exotic Romantic Spread!

Breakfast is included with your stay! Enjoy fresh organic meals!

         Guest enjoying our famous Vegan Banana Pancakes

We specialize in Vegetarian, Vegan and    incredible Raw Food meals. Our Gourmet Dinner is a 3 course meal.

Our repertoire includes gluten-free and                 soy free meals as well as creating alternatives to any ingredient to offer a fabulous healthy         and delicious meal.

In case you are not vegetarian, raw or vegan. We are only 5 minutes drive from Waterfall Villas to the town of Dominical where a wide variety of restaurants with cuisine to fit everyone's taste including pizza, sushi bars, pastry shops, Tex Mex, Thai, Costa Rican dishes, Italian and French cuisine is offered.

At the Waterfall Villas - Experience wellness through nutritious, artistic, and delicious creations.

Vegan / Vegetarian Raw Food Dinning Costa Rica

Our meals at the Waterfall Villas are prepared by private a chef, and served with personal          care, with the highest quality fresh ingredients, specific to your needs. Our private restaurant is rather in the style of a vegetarian / vegan /          raw food retreat for our guests only.  Romantic private seating is available. Menu is created on a day-to-day basis to deliver the best in freshness from farm to table.

ALL meals must be ordered at least 24 hours in advance. Our meal service is an important part of your Healing Journey! Please let us know your dietary requirements as we have a personalized chef service.

All of our coconut milks are made from organic coconuts in our kitchen the day of your meal. We create nut milks and nut creams and many other specialty foods fresh as possible. You will taste the difference!

Delicious gourmet meals with the freshest and purest ingredients are offered to guests in Bistro style (one set daily meal).  We do not have a restaurant in the normal sense as food is not stored, rather prepared fresh daily when there are requests for meals.

Daily meals offered do cater to any allergies, dairy intolerance, wheat free, gluten free, salt free, sugar free, soy intolerance, or other requests from our guests that are made in advance. A daily meal option is posted on our black board in Bistro style. Meals are full service with a waiter.

If you are interested in learning how to prepare some of our special deserts like this chocolate     crepe - flourless, raw and with organic chocolate and raw coconut ice "cream" - do take a look at our raw food class events, offered several times a year!

 Raw Chocolate Crepes with Raw Coconut Ice Scream

RAW Vegan and Living Foods Adventure If you are a Raw Foodist and you would like the most incredible week of your rawsome life...let our chef surprize you with a journey into the tastes of edible nature in Costa Rica! 

  • Butterfly Suite for 2 persons for 7 nights with luxury canopy King Bed, large bathroom with reain head shower! Private balcony views rainforest and the stream at the top of the waterfalls!
  • ALL 3 Raw foods meals for 2 persons per day - package (dinners are 3 course meals w/ one special raw desert per day and fresh made juices *with all meals) - starts with dinner your first night.
  • Canopy Zipline tour *transportation not included - 10 min taxi /OR Guided hike to Nauyaca Waterfalls - offered if weather permits; Challenging level, w/transportation included
  • Plant an indigenous tree
  • *Fresh noni/coconut juice/green goddess drink (mango, kale, berries, banana) with breakfast are also included as per availability of fresh ingredients
  • Taxes (13%) included!

Jan 3rd - May 2014 $2,550.00 for 2 persons total 

June - Dec 15 2014 $2,295.00 for 2 persons total

***This Package can be offered to Vegans with cooked Vegan Dinners or for people who want to try a mix of raw and vegan.

Private transfer from San Jose airport $380 rd trip for 1 /or 2 persons with luggage. Eric Rivkin prepared these for Frederic Patenade's wedding - another raw food chef at the Waterfall Villas.  These spring rolls are made with a poppy seed and coconut wrap and filled with fresh veggies, the wrap is dehydrated -to keep all of the vital enzymes in tact, and served with a green goddess dressing and a fresh mango ginger sauce.

If you order outside of our special package offers:

Vegetarian / Vegan Lunch is $30 per person with a fresh made beverage.

Our Gourmet Dinner is a 3 course meal with entree, main course, and a healthy desert with a fresh made beverage included.

Dinners are $48 pp (Taxes and service charges apply 23%).

If you would like to try our Detox Menu it is $95 per day for a single person. 

Detox menu includes 3 detox meals, 2 Green drinks (pure extracted Kale with celery, cucumber, apple and lemon) - if you are only fasting on green juice with no meals you can have up to 8 green juice per day, green coconuts, fresh noni and smoothies may be served at other times in between meals if not drinking green drinks. Detox tea is included in the afternoons.

Detox menus and packages can be designed around auto immune issues, diabetes (transitional raw food sugar balancing diet), addictions and other rehabilitation, or recuperation from surgery or other stressful life events. 

*If you are not not on a detox package any detox item is additional:

  • Green drinks are $12 each
  • Coconuts $4 each
  • Smoothies $8 each
  • Detox tea is $5 each Vegan Turkish Eggplant with Coucous

Meal plans allow us to individually serve our guests with the utmost care to special dietary requirements. Your menu is a personal selection discussed with you before meal preparation. Only fresh food is served! We cater to intolerance to dairy, gluten / wheat, salt, soy or any allergy.

Specializing in Gourmet Vegetarian, Vegan, and Living Food / Raw Foods.

See our Honeymoon Bliss package in the Honeymoon section ! Honeymoon packages for Vegans / Vegetarians / Raw Foodists

Live nori rolls with heart of palm rice with pheonix and dragon pates

Our Live Nori Rolls are made with a Costa Rican treat - heart of palm as fresh as can be! I use two fresh pates, veggies and live sprouts - Rawmazing! 

You can also try a vegan transition or a detox / Cleanse program or a custom Raw Foods Retreat adding other tour activities.

Raw food preparation classes ($80 per person) given at Fateh's home kitchen - includes transfer and the lunch.

If you are new to this life style and you would like to increase the amount of raw foods in your diet we can offer a gentle and delicious transition experience.

See our Spa section for transitional packages to a Vegan or Raw Food Life Style. For the ultimate in a holistic wellness program, and personal care! 

Press release Detox programs.

The Waterfall Villas promotes healthy life styles for a happy world. We believe that what people eat is the key to achieving sustainability on the planet, and is crucial to what Saving the Rainforest is all about.

You will discover how wonderful healthy live foods and fresh foods can taste! You will have the opportunity to try many tropical delights from our rainforest, and our own highland organic farm where a unique micro-climate facilitates the most tasty veggies and fruits imaginable. Fresh foods are delicious and we are dedicated to proving that to the most skeptic guest. This is a Healing Journey and you will experience tropical flavors and textures that you are sure to treasure...tasting is believing!

Vegan / Vegetarian and Raw Food Retreats Costa Rica

Raw Food Birthday / or Romantic Getaway
Discover our creations - tastes for your life! Romantic Raw Food ist Paradise!

  • Luxury Jade Spa Suite for 2 persons for 3 nightsPrivate Jacuzzi - w/canopied Queen bed, small mini fridge, AC and Zen bathroom, balcony to the rain forest and top of the falls
  • ALL Meals - w/3 gourmet raw foods candlelit dinners for 2 persons – dinners have an entrée, main course and a special raw desert per day and fresh made juices with all meals
  • Raw Waterfall Indulgance / Or Birthday celebration with Lunch - raw chocolate treats and fruits with raw wine fresh prepared and served at the waterfalls! Birthday with a special Raw birthday cake for 2 person !
  • Taxes (13%) included!

Jan 3rd - May 2014 Special OFFER $1,200.00 Total for 2 persons for 3 nights!

Reserve private seating for romantic private candlelit  dinners or for families and parties on request. By reservation only.

Raw Curry Crepes with raw mango chutney using alll organic fresh ingredients

This crepe is filled with a sunflower pate and our incredible curry sauce with fresh veggies, the crepe is dehydrated -to keep all of the vital enzymes in tact, and our fresh mango chutney is out of this world!

Detox packages include 3 meals per day and additionally include fresh coconut milk, fresh prepared Noni, and Green Goddess Smoothies with Spirulina. Tofu scrambles, Miso soup, and exotic fruit plates as the vegetarian/raw alternatives.

Raw pasta in macadamia cream with raw neet balls in red pepper sauce

Raw pasta made of organic chayote spiralized, and with other mandolin cut veggies in a mac nut cream sauce served with raw dehydrated neet balls in a red sweet pepper sauce - fresh made as always on the day we serve!

We can also prepare beach and hiking picnics! Special requests for meals during other times of day are prepared by our private chef for your enjoyment on advance request only.

Romantic / Retreat Meal package

During Jan - Dec 15th, 2013 a meal package may be Added to any stay or package - Vegan / Raw Vegan / Vegetarian / and can include a fresh fish alternative!

6 dinners for 2 persons for $625.00

  • Total package includes the 13% tax and 10% services (23%) applicable. 
  • Meal Package - Must be ordered in advance of arrival.

*Please note that personalized meal plans require notification in advance of arrival as part of your reservation - with details on allergies and intolerance conditions :)

Exotic fruits - Robotans 

Breakfast is included! Our Balinese inspired Waterfall Garden Pavilion offers daily breakfast and teatime. Guests will be served an organic breakfast from 8:00 am to 11 am including fresh roasted coffee from our own mountain grown organic coffee plantation and organic teas or tropical fruit smoothie and fresh organge juice.

Breakfast is a fantastic plate of fresh tropical fruits, and alternate days we also serve farm fresh wheat Banana Pancakes/ Chia seed porridge with fresh berries. Swiss style hash browns called Rosti with chayote and rosemary, oregano and fennel. Organic eggs any style and farm fresh goat yogurt / tofu scrambles and vegan nut cheezes.

If you have a very early morning tour we can provide some fresh fruits the night before for you to take with you.

Eggplant Cannellonis filled with mushroom walnut pate on a fresh marinera sauce with tomatillos

Eggplant cannelloni are stuffed with a walnut mushroom pate and served with a raw fresh marinara sauce and with in season tomatillos.

For longer retreats and *group rates please write us for a special offer! If you are a chef - you are welcome to create your own retreat workshop in our space!

The resident chef at the Waterfall Villas is our very own Fateh Kaur Bolivar. Fateh has been cooking vegetarian, vegan, raw living foods, and macrobiotic foods for 2 decades and has developed her own World Fusion Style of food preparation in all of these modalities.

"My inspiration comes from places like the Blossoming Lotus on Kauai, Hawaii and from local indigenous people with whom I have stayed with around the world in Peru, Turkey, Bali, Thailand, Italy, Japan, Hong Kong and Switzerland. These people knew how to cook before processed foods came along." Fateh

De Vero Gazpacho!

DE Vero Gazpacho:

You can be very creative with Gazpacho garnish using  what is seasonally available!

Make the soup first,  then I mix the following into the soup:

1 cucumber cut into squares, tomatillos and yellow tomatoes cut into sections, soaked kombu, red sweet pepper into chunks, 1 teas fresh rosemary chopped fine, a pinch of cumin, and chiffonade cut basil.  Top off with half avocado sliced into a fan shape, dill, cilantro, sprig of fresh mustard with flowers, celery, and a Starfruit Star!

De Vero –  Gazpacho Soup

  • 2 cups vine ripened cherry tomatoes
  • Half a carrot
  • 1 clove garlic
  • 1 teaspoon honey
  • 1 soaked date or 9 raisins
  • Juice of  1 green orange or a starfruit
  • 1 bulb of fennel or celery stick
  • 1 teaspoon apple cider vinegar
  • Pinch dulse flakes or teas. soy sauce

….Puree all the above in a powerful blender

Sooh YUM!  Shanti OM!

Raw Salad with Nut Pate

Rawsome Salad with nut pate!

Fateh has also been a student of Eric Rivkin for living foods / raw food preparation and menus. Fateh’s creations have evolved to give you a taste for adventure in Costa Rican fruits and vegetables with a twist of Asia or Mediterranean flair. Only natural sweeteners used and our coconut milk is done fresh by hand daily for a tropical infusion of flavor in many dishes!

Wilted Kale with avocado dressing and hemp seed with rosemary annato raw breads

Wilted organic Kale with tomatoes and hemp seed in an avocado dressing served with fresh organic arugula and  rosemary annato raw breads. This one is a raw foodist dream salad, and is so full of energy!

Fateh studied cooking in Bali with local villagers, and has brought seeds that have grown several generations of non GMO Balinese vegetables in Costa Rica at her organic farm in the highlands.

"The Balinese veggies are so lovely! Amazingly, how they grow so great here in Costa Rica... You will feel the prana in these satvic foods!" 

Guests who want to stay raw or are true vegans who do not eat any animal products will be completely satisfied by Fateh’s inspirational kitchen. Just let us know at reservation what your preferences are.If you would like to learn more try Great Tips on the raw food life style.

   Rawsome Kebabs!

Finish off with a Coconut Merange Fruit Parfait!!!

      Tropical Passion Parfait!

Organic foods are the new medicine for humanity. Through a proper balance of grains, fruits and vegetables, anyone can become healthy. Raw living foods provide a vehicle to experience the most effective Detox from city life, fast foods, and high stress.

Vegan Quiche w/ polenta

Fateh's Vegan & gluten free Quiche

Waterfall Villas is committed to supporting local farmers who are dedicated to Organic farming.  Our mountain plantation supplements with more exotic and heirloom species. Only non-GMO and organic seed is used.

Finca IPE an established Organic farm is only 3 minutes away and supplies Cascadas with fresh cinnamon, vanilla, and Pau de Arco, and essential oils.

The word Macrobiotic was coined by Hippocrates, the father of medicine nearly 2,500 years ago and it means “long life”. Macrobiotic cooking relies on local ingredients and is non-evasive to the environment and to your body. This way of eating brings a alkalinity balance and oxygenates the cells in a gentle way with cooked foods.

Coconut tart with fresh mora berry sauce

Mora berries come from Costa Rica, they are like a mix of raspberry and boysenberry together! Here I have made a coulis with this delicious fresh mora berry and served it over my coconut tart with a live food nut crust! No guilt, as there is never any sugar in my food!

Foods not grown locally are from Eden Foods and other very trusted organic sources. Each meal is a loving healing expression of the earth with no preservatives, no chemical additives, no refined sugar, low or no sodium, and no compromise to quality! We use sea weed, and natural products in the most incredible ways!

Organic banana surprise

Fateh and Franco have an incredible farm up in the highlands and there is defiantly the very best bananas in all of Costa Rica - and in the world really since I have tried bananas almost everywhere. Our farm produces so many of these incredible honey fresh fruit that I started freezing them for this fabulous desert.

Banana Surprise Recipe - I blend frozen bananas in a Vita Mix blender with a touch of cardamon and some raw mac nuts, sprinkle with cinnamon and viola! You can't believe how good this is!

Fateh applies aryuvedic nutrition to bring balance of energy in her menus detox guest. Fateh has had miraculous results from people with serious health issues who have been able to stay on their personalized detox program for at least 6 months.

To start a personalized program try our 21 day ultimate detox to really learn how to life healthy for the rest of your life! Spa Section.

Eric Rivkin's Raw Foods classes at the Waterfall Villas

World Famous Chef Eric Rivkin creates raw food exquisite tropical culinary delights on request, and reception /party catering. Write us for rates for Eric, our rawsome private specialty chef. Private classes also available on request!

Cucumber canopies in the making by Eric

Offering Raw food preparation workshops and other events several times per year at the Waterfall Villas.

Rising Star Vegan / Raw Foods Chef Fateh Bolivar at Waterfall Villas Press Release

Fresh green coconuts - everyday!

Always finding more ways to use our fresh organic when I was asked by another raw food chef, Frederic Patenade to create a wedding cake for his wedding here at the Waterfall Villas, I created this watermelon cake (yes it is watermelon and apple slices inside, with layers of coconut sprouts) frosted with my ever so popular coconut cream, and decorated it with fresh edible flowers. It was a hit at the party! Also serving the Buffet, Eric Rivkin, see what he prepared for the feast on this Utube link .

Raw wedding watermelon cake

If you are wondering why all of the excitement and interest in Raw Foods? Check out this CNN testimonial video - it is a life turn around for many people who have found their health.

Aquarian Times a Kundalini Yoga Magazine - Article for rejuvenation through foods

Breakfast is included in our rates!

 Vegan Breakfast smoothie and with fresh muffins

Breakfast Included


 Celebrate with Gourmet Cuisine!

 Vegetarian Yoga Retreats

 Wedding Brunch Orchid Center Piece

Vegtable Curry with Buddha's Brown Rice and Raita

 Ginger seared Tuna with papaya salsa, coconut rice and zuchini

Holiday and Family Meals


Arugula salad with cashews and guava dressing, Bali beans,

The magic kitchen!

Fresh picked Oranges

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