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The Waterfall Villas are located in the Baru rainforest - where the rainforest meets the Pacific Ocean - just a 5 minutes drive from Dominical in CWaterfall at the Waterfall Villasosta Rica's Southern Pacific Region.

There are two Oceanic currents in Costa Rica - everything from the Nicoya peninsula North is cold water. Everything south of the Nicoya Peninsula is very warm water. That is where we are located in the south. So the water is very warm here near Dominical from Jan - through September.

The different oceanic currents also bring a different landscape : dry airid north, and exotic tropical south - where we are.

The other variable to consider is altitude in Costa Rica, and the mountainous volcanic areas such as La Fortuna are very cool especially at night. The Volcanoes are generally very far from the ocean in Costa Rica. Altitude also brings different plants and animals than close to the shore.

Cascadas Farallas Waterfall The Waterfall Villas are 500 meters above sea level where the mountains rise very quickly, and we are only 5 minutes drive from the beaches, yet we are far enough into the rainforest that our plant and animal diversity is stunning and exotic. Also the mosquito count is much lower than on the beach.

Waterfall Villas Property in the rainforest






Cascadas Farallas Waterfalls and the Waterfall Villas are 3 miles on paved road from Dominical’s famous surf beach, yet secluded, and also close to a wide variety restaurants and night life. The exotic southern pacific beaches extend all the way to the Osa peninsula and are within easy reach by the Pan American highway. This area is called the Costa Ballena or Whale Coast for the large number of migratory  whales spotted here.Dominical and Baru Areal View

The Waterfall Villas is close to 5 National Parks. The Corcovado National Park and Cano Island are day trips. If Osa Peninsula or Manuel Antonio and Quepos are in your itinerary we are a perfect base.


To get to the Waterfall Villas you will go from the airport in San Jose directly to the NEW Pan-American highway - the total trip can be done in only 3 hours. Drive first to Jaco (enter Jaco in your GPS first or you will end up going on the wrong road), then passing Jaco you will drive past Quepos to Dominical. Now the Waterfall Villas are just a 30 minute drive from Quepos/Manuel Antonio on the brand new highway!

Before arriving into Dominical Town there will be a big crossroad. Turn left, before the bridge, and then just drive 5 minutes towards San Isidro - Perez Zeledon in the direction North East. Look for the Balinese dragon banners and Cascadas Farallas Waterfall sign. Enter immediately on the right had side through our private bamboo entrance gate, drive down a short 50 meters on a gravel road to the marked parking area. If you reach Reptilandia Park, you have gone 3 kilometers too far. Please turn there going back towards the beach, and look for our sign on the left side of the road - you will now turn left into the entrance. GPS: N 9 degrees 16.754, W 83 degrees 49.710 for an exact location (but don't use this in your car until you arrive to Dominical)

Baru - Dominical

You can also drive from San Jose through the mountains past San Isidro and then another 45 minutes to the Waterfall Villas. Driving from San Jose through the mountains it is 3 hours to reach Cascadas FarallaRainforests Waterfall Villas on a nicely paved road. The trip includes a drive by the Gerardo de Dota coffee growing region, and the Quetzal biological reserve high in a mountain range. Thie main road is completely paved and a 4-wheel drive vehicle is not necessary, unless you go off the main road and visit these regions in the rainy season.

You will leave San Jose airport and cross the city to reach Cartago, from there you will cross the mountain range to reach San Isidro, follow the signs to Dominical through San Isidro’s commercial center, continue further past a few villages, the last of which is Plantanillo. After that you pass Reptilandia, a nature park, on the right, from there we are 3 kilometers on the left hand side of the road.  Look for the Balinese dragon banners. From our bamboo entrance gate, drive down a short 50 meters on a gravel road to San Isidrothe marked parking area. If you arrive at the beach, turn around back 5 minutes and you will see our sign in front of the entrance.

To get to Costa Rica:

Economic flights with Spirit Airlines or Jet Blue, Copa, and NorthWest can get you here from most major cities in the USA. Other airlines such as American, Delta, and Continental also have frequent flights. Your flight should arrive to the International airport at San Jose, Costa Rica (there is also an airport in Liberia, but that is 8 hours from the Southern region, and that would make sense of you would like to drive if making an itinerary around the country - best to leave from San Jose). 

To get to Waterfall Villas and the Southern Region from San Jose:

We will provide private airport transfer for $190 for 2 persons each way. $380 round trip from San Jose.

4 persons - 6 traveling to the Waterfall Villas from San Jose airport is $280 each way. Surfing Dominical

Other transportation can be provided for over 6 persons by special request.

If you are a first time traveler to Costa Rica, we highly recommend letting us pick you up; especially if you arrive late in the evening.

In the summertime (Jan - April in Costa Rica), it is an easy drive in the early evening.

You can rent a car from National at Cascadas and they will deliver the car to the Villa for you.

If you are coming from Puerto Jimenez, the transfer is $150 each way, and will take up to 3.5 hours as the road requires 4wl dr in that area from Puerto Jimenez in the OSA and Matopalo. It is only a 1 hour drive from the Waterfall Villas to Sierpe where you can get a boat to the entrance of the Corcovado National Park. We offer day trips to the Corcovado National Park, Manuel Antonio Park, and Cano Island.

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To get to Cascadas Farallas and the Southern Region from Manuel Antonio/Quepos: You can now fly direct to Quepos on Sansa www.flysansa.com or Nature Air daily. We can pick you up from the Airport in Quepos. It is now only a 30 minute drive from Quepos to Dominical on the new highway. Cost $50 each way for 1 or 2 persons.

The Baru River winds around the south east side of the Cascadas Farallas property and flows west before it reaches the Ocean at Dominical.  The waterfalls are formed from a natural spring tributary flowing through the property that then joins the Baru River just west beyond Cascadas Farallas. At Dominical you will see the river mouth flowing into the sea. This is a very special area with several micro climates in a short distance from the Tinamaste highlands and dropping rapidly to sea level in about 20 minutes drive to Dominical. Keep your eyes open as you drive down as sloths, monkey, and ocelots are often seen crossing the road with their young.

Discover the true rainforest, the Baru...very dense, lush, and exotic with a wealth of rare plants and animals. See nature in a kaleidoscope of color and awe!

In contrast to the dry north of Guanacaste, the south pacific is the only part of Costa Rica with true rainforest spreading south to the Osa.

Here it remains lush during the summer months from January through April  - even though there is almost no rain until May. The true rainy season is from September - November. Many private biological reserves exist here, and eco-aware individuals have set apart large tracts of rainforest for conservation, as well the Costa Rican government.

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