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Farallas Property Investment Consultants offer a variety of Services for property developers and investors Manuel Antonioin Costa Rica and throughout Latin America. Our services include Resort and Spa concept design, business palnning, hospitality fianacial planning with proven models, hospitality service management, operations, marketing (including website design, development, and Internet marketing), staff training programs, and real estate investment consulting. With two decades of hospitality development experince on an International scale to offer - we have what it takes to make your aspirations a reality.

Our work includes the Logo, website design, packages, spa concept, and service design for the Ultimate Tropical Costal Living property: Casa Ramon in Costa Rica and Greenbuilderscr.com

Hospitality ServiceHospitality Service Management

Farallas Property Investment Consultants enpower clients to create winning business concepts in the rental and hotel market of Latin America, marketing and website optimization that ensure the highest return for thier investments.

We analyse your property goals to help you realize the most optimal configuration for each specific property. Achieving the optimal service mix gives you increased service ratings, higher occupancy rates, and bigger profits. You'll measure success season after season!

We leverage your property to give your clients results beyond their expectations with workable business models for service and financial returns.

Our Hospitality Service Management offering includes both Operations Management and Marketing.

Operations ManagenmentOperations Management
Operations Management is concerned with Reservations, Property Maintenance, Personnel Management and Training, Housekeeping and Concierge Services, and includes all the corresponding budget management and cash flow analysis.

Reservation system

Farallas consulting will design all reservations, deposits, payments, check-ins and checkouts, format guest communications about accommodations (supporting languages: English, Spanish, Italian, French and German), and cancellations for the property, using industry specific best practices and policies.

Property Maintenance
Farallas will design and train your staff to manage payments for utilities such as water, electricity, Internet, Cable, gardens maintenance, and waste disposal. In addition, any malfunctions or other situations are resolved in a professional manner causing the least inconvenience for the guests.

Personnel Management
Farallas will help you hire and train all of the personnel so that they will anticipate guest expectations. Industry best practices for each personnel activity are taught and supervised to gain the highest quality standards. Management of the personnel payments will also be included.


Cleaning service practices for the property are set up to reach the standard level you would like to offer.  Recommendations for cleaning products and tools that will need to be purchased are provided, including organic products that will not damage nature at the owner’s request.

Concierge Service
Farallas Concierge service consulting will assist you in setting up a concierge service and design a variety of tours, packages, and amenities. This offering includes models and best practices for reservations, pricing and marketing.


Do you have a rental property in Costa Rica? If you would like to achieve a a high occupancy rate we can assist you in executing a marketing plan designed for exclusive tourism and by managing a marketing budget wisely. The marketing plan includes development and production of a Website for the property, publishing articles, brochures and advertisement.

For an example of Farallas Website design see: GreenBuilderCR!

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