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Rain forest Sanctuary in Costa Rica

Do you believe in serendipity? Fateh Kaur - Kundalini Yoga at the Waterfall Villas

The Universe created an opportunity for everything in the lives of Franco Bolivar and Fateh Kaur to take an alternative course. When we discovered the Rain forest and Waterfall environment at Cascadas Farallas, the spirits of this earth chose us, Franco and Fateh Bolivar to be the caretakers and protectors of an awesome natural resource...The Baru Rainforest!

There is a vortex formed at the waterfalls, Cascadas Farallas.The Waterfall Villas were created at the top of the falls by using ancient wisdom of feng shui construction techiniques to release healing energy. This is a sacred place where the Giant Morpho buterflies play and dance everymorning in the waterfalls enjoying the Qi from this sacred source. Our mission is to save this part of the Costa Rican Rainforest and offer this energy to benefit those that find their way to this sacred place. To share this fragile rainforest, we had to change our plans for our lives, follow our dreams and be true to our hearts. We built the Waterfall Villas using the most green principles possible to be an example for alternative living without giving up tropical luxury. 

World travelers for many years, we blended a taste for the exotic and the experience of hundreds of hospitality properties with our fascination for Balinese architecture into every detail at Cascadas Farallas to create a truly unique waterfall and tropical rainforest boutique resort in Costa Rica. 

If you follow your heart you may find yourself here too, in the magic of the Baru Rainforest!

We invite you to be True to yourself, Unite with the Universe,  and Experience this Healing Journey!

Our shamanicTree of Life wedding and ceremoines and shamanic waterfall blessings are incredible spiritual journey in this most sacred place - Cascadas Farallas and the Waterfall Villas.

Cascadas Farallas - Waterfall VillasRainforest and Waterfalls

To preserve the integrity of the tropical rainforest while creating an environment for sharing required careful planning and knowledge about eco-tourism.  Franco Bolivar was and intergral part of the creation of “Green Hotels of Costa Rica” his insight gave us the background to do Cascadas Farallas the right way.

It is our belief that sharing wisdom will bring awareness in sustainable eco-tourism, and will create appreciation for the world’s most sacred and scarce resources: our water and our rainforests.

It is our vision to promote awareness to gain global support for environmental programs for the rainforest habitat for rare animals and birds and the beaches in the exotic southern region of Costa Rica, called the whale coast or Costa Ballena.

Sighting a Tapir is a barometer for success in conservation efforts; like jaguar and parrots, these are rare migratory animals. In the rainforest of Costa Rica, the tapir is one of the animals that symbolize the vibrancy of the rainforest, because only when the forest is in its primordial essence, pristine and flourishing do these animals suddenly reappear.

The Path of the Tapir extends from the Osa peninsula in the south pacific of Costa Rica all the way to Manuel Antonio National Park passing through the Baru rainforest, and into the mountains of Tinamaste where the ridge is so vertically steep that virgin forest is still intact.

Here the largest waterfalls of Costa Rica are shrouded by a thick emerald green gallery. Amongst this rainforest in the heart of the Baru rainforest, Cascadas Farallas Waterfalls are protected in a private reserve set up by the Waterfall Villas to preserve the waterfalls and their unique habitat for wildlife. The Waterfall Villas reserve is right on the Path of the Tapir, an official certified biological corridor. The Waterfall Villas is an eco-retreat commited to rainforest preservation.  



The Waterfall Villas and the Cascadas Farallas Waterfall Reserve, owned by Fateh and Franco Bolivar, is dedicated to preservation of this Biological Corridor – the Path of the Tapir. The Waterfall Villas is now the conservation group’s first corporate sponsor member.




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